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Dr. Britt Baker DMD overshadows AEW Women’s World Championship match

The AEW women’s division is Dr. Britt Baker DMD’s world, and we’re all just living in it. That was never more clear than during Battle of the Belts III as Baker’s presence overshadowed the AEW Women’s World Championship match between Thunder Rosa and Jamie Hayter.

The contest was an intense battle with Thunder fighting hard to rally from Hayter’s physical control. Whenever Thunder had moments to shine, Baker trifled in the affair to steal the scene on camera.

Baker’s interference started early with choking Thunder on the ropes. Baker added a slap as insult to injury before yucking it up for the cameras.

Rebel got in on the fun to choke Thunder as well, and Baker placed Thunder’s cowboy hat upon the champ’s head as a goof.

When Thunder was on the turnbuckles looking to fly, Baker snatched the title belt as a distraction for Hayter to get back in the game.

Thunder had Toni Storm by her side for support. Storm finally saw enough when Baker physically interfered once more. Storm and Baker engaged in fisticuffs with Baker landing a superkick. The dentist looked into the camera and said it all, “It’s my division.”

Baker’s arrogance ended up backfiring when she turned around into a DDT from Storm. Hayter was distracted by the hullabaloo on the floor, and Thunder pounced for a series of roll-ups to secure victory.

While Thunder Rosa is still world champion, the spotlight remains on Dr. Britt Baker DMD.

Get the full results of Battle of the Belts III here.

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