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The Ass Boys really were inside that falling dumpster

AEW on Twitter

Last night’s (Aug. 3) episode of AEW Dynamite included a Dumpster match between The Acclaimed and the Gunn Club. The finish saw both of the Ass Boys locked inside the dumpster before Anthony Bowens and Max Caster rolled it right off the stage, flipping it over.

I was one of many pro wrestling fans who assumed Colten and Austin Gunn escaped through some trap door prior to the dumpster being pushed off the stage. it just seemed like a crazy bump to take, particularly when you know that Terry Funk was badly injured on a similar bump in a Dumpster match in WWF back in 1998.

But after the dumpster was pushed off the stage, feet did appear to be visible when the lid popped open. I didn’t know what to make of the whole thing.

We have some clarification on the dumpster bump today. The Ass Boys were indeed inside the falling dumpster, and they are fine:

I’d love to know more details on what else was inside that dumpster with the Ass Boys to help ensure their safety on the bump.

What did you think of the Ass Boys’ dumpster ride, Cagesiders?

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