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Road Dogg stops begging Tony Khan for a job but still wants to work in AEW

When we last checked in on former WWE star Road Dogg, he was busy pathetically begging AEW President Tony Khan for a job so that he can improve the “appalling” aspects of AEW’s television shows. That approach didn’t land him the job, of course, but Road Dogg somehow couldn’t figure out why being a shit-talking beggar didn’t do the trick.

I guess Dogg’s ass finally called somebody, because he knows that he needs to try a different approach. On the latest episode of his Oh You Didn’t Know?!?!? podcast, Road put his new approach in action when he said the following:

“You know what, I’m gonna change my tactic. Watch this.

I don’t want a job, Tony. Yeah, I’m good, thank you.”

With that joke out of the way, Dogg admitted that he still wants to work for AEW:

“Look, truth be told, I’d love to work there, because I do think I can make his television show better for the viewer. Having said that, I’m having a really good time right now doing the podcast, doing other people’s podcasts, doing stuff like this, doing the conventions and the signings...I’m in a really good place. If I can pay the light bill, I’ll be happy just sitting right here.”

For what it’s worth, Road isn’t just sitting at home doing podcasts. He helped produce Ric Flair’s Last Match and said he will be “sitting with” crew backstage at Impact Emergence.

That’s all for today’s edition of Road Dogg Fails to Convince Tony Khan to Hire Him. We’ll see you back here very soon, I imagine.

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