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AEW Dark Elevation Thursday recap (Aug. 4, 2022): Mance Warner Bros. Discovery

A special Thursday episode of AEW Dark: Elevation is in the books! If you missed the live broadcast click here for the Cageside Seats stream. The announce team of Tony Schiavone and Mark Henry was in the broadcast booth for this episode. Let’s get right into it!

Hikaru Shida vs. Emi Sakura (Madison Rayne on commentary)

Sakura entered first with a singles record of 18-7 in AEW according to the graphic. Shida’s record was 58-13 and Schiavone was sure to point out she’s a former women’s champion. Meanwhile Mark Henry and Madison Rayne talked about their favorite flavor of ice cream from a specialty shop (or manufacturer) in Columbus, Ohio. In the ring though Shida and Sakura were laying into each other. Shida knocked Sakura down with a shoulder tackle and climbed the ropes to celebrate, but Sakura had rolled to the outside so she grabbed a leg to yank her down then whipped her back and forth between the barricade and apron. She threw Shida back in for the “we will chop you” and a crossbody from behind. Sakura pulled Shida up by the hair before a possible pin. Shida would have kicked out anyway, but it’s a good heel move to be overconfident and have it backfire, which it did when Shida recovered and hit a delayed vertical suplex. Sakura got out of the way of a leap from the second rope and then gave her a draping backbreaker off the ropes. She stomped on Shida repeatedly instead of going for the pin and again that overconfidence cost her with a flying knee, a diving forearm, and a near fall. Sakura went for a power bomb and Shida kicked out at 2.9. Referee “Dropkick” Mike Posey checked to see if Shida could still continue and Sakura cackled like a villain. Sakura did a delayed vertical suplex but Shida responded with a ‘rana and a spin kick from the top rope, and a Tamashii no Three Count to get the win.

Jade Cargill and Stokely Hathaway came out to introduce themselves to Madison Rayne. “Jade is our TBS champion, something you will never ever become.” Rayne: “That’s your idea of a great introduction huh? I’m not impressed. Stokely I am also here to be an in-ring competitor. And I don’t know about you, but Columbus, Ohio I think I’m looking at my first opponent right in front of me.” Hathaway: “You have a photo shoot with Sports Illustrated.” Cargill: “How about we test out that wannabe Baddie on her?” Hathaway: “Leila Grey versus Madison Rayne tomorrow night on Rampage.” Cargill: “Welcome to my show... and I’m... that... bitch.” Here’s a replay video.

Mance Warner vs. Serpentico (w/ Luther)

The hapless Serpentico brought a record of 13-86 to the ring, while for the “Southern Psychopath” Mance Warner this was his AEW debut. Mark Henry immediately compared him to the Moondogs and the Bushwhackers. “This guy is crazy!” They also promoted Warner vs. Moxley live tomorrow night on Rampage. Warner immediately punched Serpentico in the face after the opening bell. Henry: “Two piece! No sides, no biscuit!” He put Serpentico in the corner for a series of chops. Luther screamed “Run for your life!” Warner hit a back elbow and Serpentico rolled out. Warner teased a suicide dive but then just stepped through the ropes and punched Serpentico in the face again. Luther gave him a boot and threw him into the barricade while Serpentico had the ref distracted by complaining Warner had punched him in the eyes. Serpentico fish hooked Warner and elbowed him in the head. Luther implored Serpentico to go to the top rope and he missed and got clotheslined twice. Warner turned him inside out with a kick to the gut. Henry: “He’s legimately wearing work boots.” Serpentico called for a piledriver but Warner escaped it easily for another clothesline, a knee lift, a DDT, and the pin. He went bug eyed in celebration of his win. Henry: “That’s a man who could go on medication and nobody would complain.” Schiavone: “He may already be on it.” Henry: “He’s off it today!”

Tony Nese & Josh Woods (w/ “Smart” Mark Sterling) vs. Dean Alexander & Damian Chambers

This was the first time for Nese and Woods to team together in AEW’s tag division, but it was also the same for their unfortunate opponents waiting in the ring. Woods started the match off with Schiavone praising his “shooter boots” and “cauliflower ears.” He tagged in Nese and moments later we had all four men in the ring with the ref doing nothing to stop it. Then again why would he? Woods tagged back in and did a roll through into a German for the pin, with Nese kicking the carcass of his opponent aside. Neither Schiavone nor Henry bothered to name the men in action. That’s how little who got pinned mattered at the end.

Afterward Mance Warner promised Moxley “a FIGHT” tomorrow. “Not a match. A FIGHT.”

What to watch/skip

There are only three matches. Why skip anything? This is an easy to watch show and a great introduction to Mance Warner ahead of his match on Rampage with Jon Moxley.

Cageside commentary crew! Share your thoughts in the comments section below and find me on Twitter too for more pro wrestling talk. See you next Monday for Elevation as usual!