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Omega & The Elite win their battle with Ospreay, might get Hangman at All Out

The build to the main event of the Aug. 31 Dynamite — The Elite vs. United Empire in the semi-finals of the AEW Trios Title Tournament — was built on the tension between Kenny Omega & Will Ospreay. Omega & Don Callis both took different tacks to get into Ospreay’s head. but neither somewhat ironic flattery or an entrance introduction trash talk fazed the young Brit.

There first time in the ring together was a stalemate. But later, the IWGP United States champ survived a flurry by the recently returned Omega, exposong the many injuries the Cleaner is still rehabbing from and put him in peril as Ospreay & Aussie Open isolated Omega.

Kenny of course was able to make the tag, and the final third of the match featured sequences that got the fans chanting this is awesome (and that will probably give Jim Cornette a coronary).

Ospreay got plenty of opportunities to show off, and it took all three members of The Elite to take him out.

After that, Omega finished off Kyle Fletcher with a V-Trigger and a One-Winged Angel.

We won’t know who The Elite face at All Out until after Friday’s live episode of Rampage. But considering the tournament was held for Omega’s return and built on a possible reunion between Matt & Nick Jackson and Hangman Page, the fact Page will be joining the Dark Order’s team for their semi-final match against Best Friends feels like a tell.

That came about after Andrade El Ídolo & his assistant Jose took out Evil Uno and Pres10 Vance when Vance rejected Andrade’s offer employment. Hangman told his friends in the Order he’d have their back through the tournament, and now that means stepping into the ring with John Silver and Alex Reynolds.

We’ll see what happens Friday, but my money’s on a big beat in the long-running Page, Omega & The Bucks story this Sunday.

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