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Private Party & Matt Hardy are teasing a reunion

The story of Matt Hardy and Private Party reconnecting is weaving through various facets of AEW media. This week saw exploration on Being The Elite, Elevation, and Twitter chirping.

The short history is money-grubbing Hardy recruiting Private Party to leech off their earnings as manager. Andrade rolled in with bags of cash to buy the Hardy Family Office faction, and the crew decided to kick Hardy to the curb. Matt was fortunate enough for a soft landing when Jeff Hardy debuted in AEW. The Hardy Boys were clicking toward a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championship, then Jeff was suspended due to outside vices rearing their ugly head again. Matt was left alone, and he realized that he needed to pay penance for the wrong he has done. Hardy allowed Private Party to beat his ass, which they shared much delight in doing. Despite all that took place, both still had a soft spot for each other.

Hardy watched Private Party from afar last week on BTE. This week on BTE, Private Party had an eye on Hardy (starting at 6:47).

As Hardy was exiting the arena, Private Party shouted for him from high above on an outside ledge. Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen had something to say. Hardy wasn’t interested, because he still considers himself to be no good for them. Private Party used teleportation to get closer. They saw Hardy watching them, and they appreciate that. Hardy reminded them that they are still under contract with Andrade. Even though Hardy will be watching from a distance, like a guardian angel, he reminded them that he is toxic. Steer clear.

Private Party wouldn’t relent so easily. When Hardy pinned Rickey Shane Page via Twist of Fate on Elevation, Kassidy and Quen were on stage watching. It seemed like the ice was thawing just a little bit.

Hardy and Private Party aren’t the only ones watching each other. Andrade has kept tabs on the situation. El Idolo implied that money talks, and Private Party’s contracts could be acquired for the right price. In an effort to avoid tampering charges, Hardy explained his motivations.

In true Andrade fashion, he didn’t pass on the opportunity to dig an insult by remarking Hardy didn’t teach Private Party to be winners.

If a separation from AFO and reunion with Hardy do take place for Private Party, their next trios bout together could be against Rush, Butcher, and Blade. That formidable threesome of powerhouses teamed on Elevation to squash Elijah, Chase Oliver, & Zack Maestro. Butcher and Blade used a teamwork powerbomb neckbreaker to set up Rush for the Bull’s Horns finisher.

No AEW story only takes place on screen these days, and Private Party have been saying positive things about their former(?) mentor in interviews, too. Kassidy told Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston’s The Ten Count:

I think it [working with Matt Hardy] helped 100%. You know, a lot of people on the Internet, they’re gonna say, ‘Man, Private Party, their career went down because of Matt Hardy,’ but me personally, and I’m pretty sure I can speak for Quen as well, I feel like Matt Hardy helped us a lot. He’s my guy. I would love for him to take us under his wing, because eventually I want to be in The Hardys’ place. I want to have a career exactly like them.”

Are you enjoying the the flow of this story? Do you think Matt Hardy and Private Party are a good fit together for a babyface run?

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