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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (Aug. 31, 2022): All Out go home

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight at 8 pm ET on TBS.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what led up to, and what we’re looking forward to on, tonight’s show.

This week’s show comes our way from NOW Arena in Hoffman Estates, lllinois. It’s the final Dynamite before Sept. 4’s All Out PPV in the same building! We’ll hear from UNDISPUTED World champ Jon Moxley, and see Kenny Omega (and The Young Bucks) vs. Will Ospreay (and Aussie Open) in the semi-finals of the Trios Tournament. Plus, Bryan Danielson takes on Jake Hager with his All Out opponent Chris Jericho on commentary, interim Women’s title contenders face off in tag action when Jaime Hayter & Dr. Britt Baker battle Hikaru Shida & Toni Storm, and more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Shadow fingers rise above, iron fingers stab the desert sky. Oh, behold the power of man on its tower ready for the fall. Knocking heads together well, rise a city, build a living hell, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

Undisputed AEW World Champion Jon Moxley makes his entrance and gets on the mic.

He says he knows Chicago loves their boy but he thinks they’re still mopping him up off the mat in Cleveland, and if you wanna talk about it, he’ll talk about it. He says he’s heard CM Punk was a 60-minute man, and he had 57 minutes left in him, but did Punk? He doesn’t think so.

When you get in the ring with Mox, he tests you and pushes you and finds out what you’re really made of, and we found out CM’s best shots just weren’t enough. And at that exact moment, he started looking for a way out, and he curled into a little ball and he folded.

Punk didn’t turn out to be what anyone wanted him to be when he was welcomed back into the business, and he’s truly sorry for that, but he has zero sympathy for CM Punk. And that’s because he’s got a fragile ego, a fragile body, a weak mind, and a weak spirit.

It’s a tought business dude, sorry. It is what it is, and we move on, and he has in his pocket an open contract for a title match at All Out on Sunday. It’s already signed and he’s just gonna leave it right here, because when he says anybody, any time, any place, he means it!

Maybe it’ll be somebody from New Japan, he runs that show, too, and he asks Rocky Romero if he’s got anybody left. But whoever takes it, remember this— before you step in the ring with Jon Moxley, he can out-marathon, out-sprint, out-fight, and out-wrestle you.

He’s not just the undisputed AEW World Champion, he’s the fire-breathing, blood-spitting living embodiment of the sport of pro wrestling, an indomitable will personified, and wrestling him may be hazardous to your health, and you’ve been warned.

He leaves, and producer (and CM Punk’s trainer) Ace Steel rushes to the ring and grabs the contract, taking it to the back.

Commentary hypes up tonight’s card.

Chris Jericho is interviewed backstage.

He talks up his match against Bryan Danielson at All Out and says it’s a dream match for most, but it’ll be a nightmare for Danielson. He admits that Bryan’s question about who Stu Hart would think is better bothered him and he spent a lot of time thinking about it, and yeah Stu would like Danielson’s technical ability, he’d appreciate that, but he’d weigh it against everything Jericho has done for the business and appreciate that more.

Daniel Garcia rolls up and apologizes for being ungrateful and pledges his allegiance to the Jericho Appreciation Society. He knows Jericho will beat Danielson without distractions or cheating, and he believes in him. Chris tells him he believes in him too, and until Sunday, all’s fair in wrestling and romance, Danielson.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. Jake Hager

Circling, Danielson with probing leg kicks, Hager rushes him but he dodges and gets away! Leg pick, Jake blocks and rams him into the corner, dirty break with body blows. To the floor, Hager picks him up and stampedes him through a barricade, back inside, raining forearms down, Bryan fighting from guard but Jake cuts him off with a stomp and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Hager raining punches mounted in the turnbuckles, Danielson knocks him down, missile dropkick connects and he’s fired up! Chest kicks, buzzsaw finale, cover... NOPE! Fireman’s carry takeover, Bryan blocks a double leg, cross armbar attempt blocked and Jake pounds him with grounded hammerfists!

Danielson from guard, triangle choke, Hager with the deadlift powerbomb to counter! Omoplata attempt, Hager fights out into the ankle lock, Bryan rolls through, LeBell Lock is on! Jake pivots, reaching, he can’t get the ropes... HE GETS THE ROPES! Chops and kicks in the corner, running corner dropkicks ensue!

Hager catches one, big Rock Bottom, head-and-arm triangle countered into a pin for two! Duck a lariat, Bryan explodes out of the corner...

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson wins by pinfall with the Busaiku Knee.

Post-match, 2.0 come running down and attack Danielson! CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI AND WHEELER YUTA MAKE THE SAVE! CLAUDIO DUMPS ANGELO PARKER AND TAKES HIM UP THE RAMP WHILE YUTA AND MATT MENARD BRAWL! Jericho introduces a chair and runs down to the ring but Daniel Garcia comes up behind him and takes the chair!

Chris turns around into a Busaiku Knee! Garcia looks conflicted as Danielson smiles his way out of the ring, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, the Wingmen are in the ring complaining about not being booked with picket signs.

“Pretty” Peter Avalon says it’ll be Wingmen Wednesdays from now on—

Enter W. Morrissey.

He drops Cezar Bonono with a boot, Avalon and Ryan Nemeth with lariats and then slams JD Drake!

Stokely Hathaway makes his way to the ring while Morrissey keeps beating dudes up, Peter gets one last bright idea but W lifts him as high as he humanly can before chokeslamming him! Stoke is in the ring and catches Morrissey’s eye and gives him a business card.

Tony Schiavone intercepts to ask Hathaway about the cards, but Stoke says it’s none of his business.

Tony points out that this is a TV show and it is our business, and Hathaway loses his shit on him, shaking him and reiterating that it’s none of his business.

UNITED EMPIRE are interviewed in the locker room.

Will Ospreay says something about getting his hands on Kenny Omega when Don Callis rolls up. Don puts him over and says people say he’s the next Omega but he thinks he’s his own man and this match is going to be the most exciting one for him since the last time Will and Kenny wrestled.

Ospreay shoos everybody off.

Hikaru Shida & Toni Storm vs. Team DMD (Dr. Britt Baker, DMD & Jamie Hayter)

Hayter and Shida to start, side headlock ,shot off, shoulder block, Hikaru kips up, Jamie with another shoulder block, scoop, float over, off the ropes, headscissors driver! Tag to Storm, uppercut, front kicks in the corner, quick tags as they work Hayter over.

Team DMD turn things around and work Storm over on the apron as we go to break.

Back from commercial, tag to Shida, mounted punches, big dropkick, vertical suplex connects! Meteora off the ropes, Britt makes the save, Toni with a dropkick to break it up, double suplex from Jamie and the tag! Baker with a basement superkick, stomp sidestepped, Hikaru with a waistlock, standing switch, elbow from Britt leaves her staggered!

Rebel gives Baker the glove but Shida nails her with a dropkick out of nowhere! The match breaks down into “everybody do something cool” territory...

Hikaru Shida and Toni Storm win by pinfall with the Katana from Shida on Jamie Hayter.

We get a video package building the AEW All-Atlantic Championship match between Kip Sabian and PAC and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a video package for Miro’s alliance with Darby Allin and Sting against the House of Black.

CM Punk makes his entrance, sullen but walking okay.

He says on June 1, he broke his foot, and that would have been bad enough, but then he wrestled an entire match on it, and his surgeon says he pulverized the bones in his foot. Accidents happen, okay, so on June 8 he had surgery, three plates and sixteen screws put in his foot, which is sixteen more times than this fat guy in the crowd has ever been screwed in his life.

He pauses and admits he shouldn’t have said that, and he shouldn’t have done lots of things in his career, like coming back too soon from a serious injury. Last week he got beat up in Cleveland and had to drive home with just his thoughts. It’s okay, it’s not the first time he’s been beat up in Cleveland, but something about this time didn’t sit well with him.

Is his foot 100%? Yes, he was cleared, the x-rays look great, but the problem is it’s a new 100% and he doesn’t know if it’s good enough. He trails off and seems kind of distraught before continuing, saying he came back a year ago because he loves this business and he knows it doesn’t love him back but he also came back because he loves us fans.

And we do love him back (certainly do, sir), and that’s why it hurts to feel like he let us down. He couldn’t walk his dog for two months, and it hurts because he let him down and rushed back to perform for us. He sees his little sister in the front row and he feels like he let her down too.

Maybe that love just... again he trails off, before saying maybe that love isn’t enough anymore.

Enter Ace Steel.

He asks what this is, what he’s saying, and says this isn’t what they talked about in the back, and he doesn’t know what happened between there and here, but this isn’t him. He apologizes for interrupting the promo and introduces him as the man who trained Punk.

Since the first day he walked into the Steel Domain he fought through everything to get to where he is, and he’s proud of what he’s accomplished in his career, but he’s more proud of what Punk has done. They’re not just friends, they’re family, and you don’t let family down.

He doesn’t let Chicago down, and he filled an arena based on a RUMOR that he’d come back to wrestling after seven years, and he’s not letting him go now. Yeah he went out in Cleveland with his balls in his heart and got beat, but it’s about how many times you get up!

He slaps Punk! He says he’s gonna fight on Sunday and he’s gonna sign this contract for all of these people and he’s gonna fight Jon Moxley! If Punk forgot who he was, Chicago will tell him! CM takes his hoodie off to reveal a shirt for a local business, he hugs Steel, and gets back on the mic.

He says he was born lonely with the cord wrapped around his neck and they’ve been trying to kill him since the day he was born and they ain’t found the man to do it yet, and Jon Moxley ain’t him! He heads off into the crowd and says Mox is the wild thing but he ain’t wild enough!

This is Chicago, where the weak are killed and eaten! He says they’re different kids but they have the same heartbeat, one pulse running through the streets of Chicago, they are the arteries and he’ll pump the blood until the blood stops pumping! At All Out, Moxley can’t break his bones, can’t drink his blood, because he is Chicago!

He signs the contract! It’s official!

Jim Ross does a sit-down with “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry and Christian Cage.

He says he agreed to do this on terms of no physicality and Cage says JR signed him to his first contract in this business and he knows he’s a professional. Jungle Boy is gonna step into the ring and get destroyed, turned into a has-been at 25. Perry says he’d love to say he hates Christian, but it’s more complicated than that.

His relationship is complicated, and he loves Cage, even if that love was manipulated. Christian says he’s here to make money and win championships, and Jack says his father taught him to be a man and on Sunday he’s not wrestling Jungle Boy, he’s going to fight Jack Perry.

Ren Jones, Silas Young, & “Ice Pick” Vic Capri vs. the Pinnacle (Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood, & Wardlow)

Sonjay Dutt is shown scouting backstage.

Jones and Wardlow to start, Mr. Mayhem with a big headbutt and a lariat! Dragging Jones into their corner, tag to Wheeler, whip into a short back elbow, snap suplex, tag to Harwood! Vic in, Wardlow gets him and that’s all she wrote...

The Pinnacle win by pinfall with the Powerbomb Symphony from Wardlow on Vic Capri.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring and grabs the mic from Justin Roberts.

He says if that’s what your boy wants, that’s exactly what he’s gonna get, and if CM Punk wants to go out on his shield in front of his hometown fans, he owes ‘em that much, so it’ll be Punk vs. Moxley one more time on Sunday at All Out! And if Punk thinks he’s got one more miracle left in him, he better find it fast.

The minute the bell rings, he’ll be trying to take his damn head off, and he’s going to put on a show of brutality and glorious pro wrestling violence than Punk has never experienced, and he’ll show the world the difference between a fake messiah and a real champion!

Tony Schiavone interviews the Dark Order in the locker room.

Unfortunately Preston “10” Vance’s knee is injured and that’s why Evil Uno will be taking his spot in the trios tournament on Friday. Andrade rolls up to give Uno a big wad of cash and says he was thinking of giving Vance a contract to work for him and take the mask off.

Uno says he and Vance are Dark Order forever so they can take the money and cheap cologne and— Andrade blindsides him and stun guns him!

Dante Martin vs. Rey Fenix vs. Rush vs. Wheeler YUTA

Martin takes Fenix to the floor, YUTA and Rush into it inside, off the ropes, Wheeler grabs the octupus hold but El Toro Blanco counters and hits a powerslam! Dante in with a crossbody, Rey slingshots in over him, Gory Special... REVERSED INTO A LUNGBLOWER FROM MARTIN!

Hurricanrana from Fenix, dropkick, tope con giro! Dante off the ropes, tornillo into the crush, putting Rush back inside, diving off the top right into a headbutt! Dropkick takes Rey and YUTA both out, tope con giro into the crush and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Martin up top with YUTA, Rush German suplexes him into Fenix and Wheeler lands a missile dropkick! Knee from El Toro Blanco, underhook piledriver... NOPE! Dante with a half nelson Rock Bottom on Rey, only two! Gutwrench, spin out a Canadian backbreaker into a facebreaker, powerbomb... RUSH BREAKS IT UP!

Martin lays Fenix out, headed up top, Wheeler cuts him off, perching himself, Rey cuts him off! Fenix with a double jump dive on El Toro Blanco! YUTA recovers, back and forth with Martin...

Wheeler YUTA wins by pinfall with a seatbelt pin on Dante Martin.

Tony Schiavone interviews Alex Reynolds and John Silver backstage.

They say this is the biggest opportunity they’ve had and if that means they have to take on three guys themselves, so be it.

“Hangman” Adam Page rolls up and says he wanted this to be their chance to shine, but if 10 can’t do it and Uno can’t do it, he’s theirs.

Commentary hypes up our upcoming cards and we go to break.

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) vs. UNITED EMPIRE (Kyle Fletcher, Mark “Dunkzilla” Davis, & Will Ospreay) (AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Semifinals)

Omega and Ospreay to start, forehead to forehead, shot off, shoulder block, kip right up, pieface and they start throwing forearms with abandon! Chops, Will gets him in the corner and beats him down! Bucks and Aussies charge the ring and brawl, low-bridge sends Aussie Open to the floor!

Chops from Kenny back Ospreay off but he clotheslines him ot the floor, assisted Frankensteiner takes Will out and the Bucks dive with stereo planchas but get caught and rammed into Omega! Ospreay up top... CORKSCREW MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR!

Disparate brawling on the floor and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Davis fighting both Bucks two for one, double kicks, he cartwheels away and takes them out with a double lariat! Scooping both Bucks up, one slam! Tag to Fletcher, assisted Alarm Clock sets up an assisted Ace Crusher... OMEGA BREAKS IT UP!

Wheelbarrow facebuster from Matt Jackson, crawling for the tag and Kenny is legal! Taking Dunkzilla out with axehandles, front kick, off the ropes, low dropkick to the knee! Off the ropes, Kotaro Krusher... NOPE! Dragon suplex, pass Ospreay to the floor, he hangs in there and slides back in for a superkick!

OsCutter reversed, Dragon suplex, Will lands on his feet, Frankensteiner connects! Off the ropes... SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP BUT NOBODY’S HOME AND OMEGA HITS THE DRAGON SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! Kyle cuts Kenny off with a gamengiri, Aussie Open up in the turnbuckles with him... DOUBLE VERTICAL SUPERPLEX!

Will tears Omega’s compression shirt off, revealing bandages and tape and cupping marks, revolution backbreaker and we go to break!

Back from commercial, Omega tags Nick in and he clears house! Penalty Kick to Ospreay off the apron, stereo X-Factor on Aussie Open, tornado DDT to the floor for Will! Throwing him back inside, off the top, 450 splash... OSPREAY GOT THE KNEES UP! Dragon suplex, finger gun, Kenny comes in and cuts Will off!

Slugging it out, dropkick, enzuigiri misses, Omega off the ropes but Ospreay reverses into a Liger Bomb! Tag to Fletcher, Aussie Open scoop Jackson up, Coriolis countered to an Ace Crusher! Bucks running double-teams on Kyle, pop-up powerbomb, BTE Trigger... DAVIS BREAKS IT UP!

Corkscrew dive from Nick takes Dunkzilla out, scoop Kyle up, OsCutter blocks the Meltzer Driver! Fletcher reverses, Ospreay off the top... MATT JACKSON KICKS OUT OF THE SHOOTING STAR MELTZER DRIVER AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND! Will lining him up, Nick grabs his leg, Kenny with the V-Trigger!

Superkick for Fletcher, one for Davis too, Superkick Party on Fletcher! The match breaks down, kicks flying, the Bucks take Will off the ropes, Indietaker takes him out but he’s not the legal man! Kenny circling while Kyle gets to his feet, off the ropes... V-TRIGGER!

Electric chair...

The Elite win by pinfall with One-Winged Angel from Kenny Omega on Kyle Fletcher.

Will Ospreay sits, sullen, on the ramp while the Elite celebrate making the finals.

That’s the show, folks.

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