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Former NXT studs join AEW factions

Onward and upward for the wrestlers known as Two Dimes and the next Brock Lesnar. After being released from NXT, Cole Karter and Parker Boudreaux are up and running in AEW. Demand was hot, and the two studs joined factions already.

Karter debuted on Dynamite in an open challenge for the FTW title against Ricky Starks. Karter put on a spirited effort in defeat then voyaged over to Dark last week for his first AEW win. QT Marshall took notice and offered membership into The Factory.

This week on Elevation, Karter connected on a 450 splash to Serpentico for his second victory in AEW.

QT came calling for an answer to his offer. Karter seemed tense being surrounded by QT’s goons, then he accepted and shook hands with the head trainer. Karter is officially a member of The Factory.

Parker Boudreaux stepped aboard the hype train being touted as the next Brock Lesnar to arrive on Dark for his AEW debut in a basic hoss squash. Serpentico drew the short straw as the losing opponent again. Boudreaux smashed by hoisting his prey over his shoulder for a hefty slam down to the mat. The maneuver looked sort of like a fancy uranage variation.

Boudreaux was accompanied by The Trustbusters. That crew is headed by Ari Daivari spending his newly acquired trust fund money as the richest man in professional wrestling. Daivari purchased the contract of Slim J last week. This week, Daivari explained that he scouted the professional wrestling world for the best talent money can buy. Daivari found a 6’5”, 310 pound force of pure destruction in Boudreaux.

Karter and Boudreaux are making waves quickly in their new home. Joining factions as young prospects can be a smart way to stay relevant while improving their skills. Having these scenes play out on Elevation and Dark is starting to make those shows feel like a true developmental system.

What do you think the ceilings are for Cole Karter and Parker Boudreaux? Do you like their fits within The Factory and The Trustbusters?