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FTR comments on being removed from AEW: Fight Forever video game

Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler say it’s now a ‘nonissue’, but it does sound like this was another example of poor communication behind-the-scenes.

AEW’s Twitter

Yesterday (Aug. 28), Fightful Select reported that FTR would not be part of the AEW: Fight Forever roster when the game is released. Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler were included in the “model phase” of development, but were removed from the simulation’s roster by spring of this year.

In an interview with Give Me Sport posted today, Louis Dangoor asked Dax & Cash about that report. The AAA, IWGP & ROH Tag champs make it clear their removal from Fight Forever isn’t a big deal for them at this point, but since they heard about it through the grapevine, it almost was one.

Wheeler: The only real issue is we were kind of blindsided by it. We found out like not how you would expect. And when you find out something like that — something major — like being taken out of a video game, your mind automatically assumes the worst.

So for us, is this something we need to worry about? Should we read between the lines here? Were we not told for a reason? And now that we are aware and now that we are out, what is that reason? Is it something we should worry about. We got an answer. It made a lot of sense; very logical answer. We said, “ok, cool”. As long as we don’t have to worry about it, nonissue.

Harwood: Like Cash said, we heard about this, I want to say, maybe, March. It was before the Briscoes match. I had someone — one of the journalists — message me and say, ‘Is this true?’ We texted Tony, talked to him. Talked to legal, got our answer and it was a nonissue.

Making sure wrestlers learn about strategic decisions before they’re contacted by the media about them is exactly the kind of thing AEW’s new talent relations team was built for. Hopefully we’ll see fewer stories like this in the future.

And at some point, get the Top Guys in Fight Forever!

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