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AEW needs more Arn Anderson, and he needs to recruit Daniel Garcia

Arn Anderson is a legend in the professional wrestling business. An appearance from Arn earns instant recognition from the crowd. Whenever Anderson is on screen, his mere presence demands attention. That was on full display as Anderson coached Dustin Rhodes in a ROH World Championship challenge against Claudio Castagnoli on Rampage.

Anderson acted in a way not to steal the spotlight from the main event. He maximized his minutes on camera with sound coaching encouragement, expressive facial reactions, and an emphatic throat slash.


All in all, Anderson’s involvement elevated the contest to a big fight feel. It made me realize that AEW needs more Arn Anderson on their weekly product.

There is one major problem though. As head coach of the Nightmare Family, he has no prize pupils. The absence of Cody Rhodes leaving to WWE left a gaping hole as leader of the group. Dustin Rhodes did his best against Claudio, and his best was not good enough. Dustin is not the man to carry the mantle forward. There is no more Nightmare, and there is no more Family. It is time for Arn to stake out on his own and rebuild.

AEW has factions galore. QT Marshall, Stokely Hathaway, Ari Daivari, and JT Davidson are on the hunt. Chris Jericho, William Regal, and Andrade always have an eye on talent. So, why not Arn too?

The question becomes who should Arn recruit. After careful thought, one name comes to mind as a perfect fit. That man is Daniel Garcia.

Forget about this drama of Garcia choosing between his mentor and his hero. Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson can not take Garcia to the next level as allies. No matter what Garcia accomplishes, he will always be second fiddle to the Jericho Appreciation Society leader. The Blackpool Combat Club has collected so many championships that there is no room for Garcia to stand out.

The man that can accomplish that task is Arn Anderson. He needs a wrestler that will listen to advice and execute upon that strategy. Too many times Arn has demanded action out of the Rhodes brothers, and they don’t follow through. He says kill. They stimmer and stammer. You know who has no reservations going for the jugular? Daniel Garcia. If Arn shouts for Garcia to destroy his opponent, there will be no playing to the crowd. Garcia will react in instinct and carry out instruction.

As promising as Garcia appears to be heading towards stardom, he’s still missing the ‘it’ factor at this moment in time. Arn by his side can provide legitimacy to rise to the top.

Do you see Arn Anderson and Daniel Garcia as a good fit together? Who else would you add to a stable coached by Arn?

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