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Kenny Omega & Will Ospreay cut scathing promos on each other after Dynamite

Not all AEW watchers may be aware of it, but there’s a lot of bad blood between Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay.

This has mostly played out on social media, where Ospreay has a chip on his shoulder about trying to follow Omega as New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s top foreign act, and Kenny isn’t shy about reminding the younger wrestler he hasn’t come close to living up to the legacy he left behind to start AEW.

With next Wednesday’s Trios Title Tournament semi-final between Ospreay’s United Empire and Omega’s The Elite, Tony Khan will be looking to capitalize on fans anticipation to see the two men in the ring together for the first time since 2018 — and on their dislike of one another, of course.

After Dynamite went off the air last night (Aug. 24), Omega & Ospreay gave the fans in Cleveland and online around the world a sense of what their issues are and how much they dislike each other.

Omega: “Please. Give our friends from New Japan a wonderful AEW welcome. Now, I’m gonna do something very special that perhaps I shouldn’t. Don’t make me regret it. Because you guys are the guests and you won in the main event. Give these people a piece of your minds. Tell these people how you feel. Thank these people for giving us their time tonight. Now that you guys are in the big leagues, that’s just one of your daily duties. See if you can handle the responsibility, Will. Hopefully you can handle it a little better than filling my shoes in New Japan.”

Ospreay: “I didn’t know ‘The Cleaner’ was a puss. Fill your shoes? The way I see things is the short time I’ve been in New Japan you’ve done and more, you fragile bitch. Kenny Omega was wearing a t-shirt when he came back. What’s the matter, hiding that belly of yours? Are the abs gone brother? Is that what it is? Look at you, covered in tape. I just did the G1, went to the final, another five stars. While I’ve been working, you’ve been sitting down and getting the Young Bucks to wipe your ass. Face it, you guys have built a wonderful empire here, but it wouldn’t be this good because you invited me to come over here. Money where your mouth is. Next week, United Empire vs. The Elite.”

Omega: “Since we’re going to play a little hard ball and since there is absolutely no way anyone is going to see or hear any of this. You wanna talk about doing everything I’ve done except doing more and sooner. That could be true except the only difference is, I did it in front of full, sold out crowds and you did a G1 Final in front of what, 3,000 people?

“After the hardships that I faced to give people like you an opportunity, Will, you would think that maybe you’d be able to do a little more with it. And one man’s opinion doesn’t mean much to me, Will. None of these people know any of your matches. None of these people even know you. I introduced them to you. I introduced them to you, yeah, a lot like I introduced you to the heavyweight scene in New Japan. I never got one thank you from you Will. Not even one, and here you are talking a whole lot of shit in front of all these people thinking you’re a real tough guy because you wrestled five matches in five days on a couple of indies and a couple of lower card New Japan guys.

“And yeah, you lost to Okada, big deal. I’ve lost to Okada too, but I’ve also beaten Okada on the biggest stage of them all. And guess what? That match that I’m talking about, that’s the one everyone calls the best one of all time, something that no one says about your matches. In fact, no can even remember your matches... You see Will, I gave you the impossible task of filling my shoes. Maybe I shouldn’t have given you a pair of shoes when you still haven’t grown out of your diapers.”

Next week should be a blast. And if you’re one of the AEW watchers who do follow this stuff? Start getting ready for Will & Kenny’s second ever singles match at Wrestle Kingdom 17.

H/T: Fightful

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