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Jericho vs. Danielson set for All Out, possibly for custody of Daniel Garcia

After a hard fought loss to Bryan Danielson in last Wednesday’s two-out-of-three falls match, Daniel Garcia wasn’t okay with Chris Jericho’s attack on the American Dragon. It led to Jericho giving an ultimatum to Garcia — the Dragonslayer had to decide if he wants to remain a sports entertainer and member of the Jericho Appreciation Society, or if he’d listen to Danielson and the AEW fans telling him he’s a wrestler.

The Aug. 24 Dynamite opened with Jericho bringing his “protege” to the ring in Cleveland. The veteran put over Garcia in a big way, but got hot when the crowd again chanted “you’re a wrestler” to J.A.S.’s young gun. He then told Garcia he had to apologize for putting his hands on him last week.

Garcia told Jericho he knew how much it meant for him to have a 30 minute match with his hero, Danielson. He wanted the match to inspire young fans. Jericho ruined the moment of Bryan extended his hand after the match with his attack.

There will be plenty more big moments in Garcia’s career, said Jericho. But for right now, he wanted to hear him say “I’m a sports entertainer.” But before the clearly conflicted young man could reply, Danielson made his way to the ring.

Danielson also put over their match, and said their match proved last week that all the fans are right — Garcia is a wrestler. Jericho again demanded an answer, but Garcia said he couldn’t decide on the spot, in front of the crowd, his mentor and his hero. Le Champion again put his hands on Garcia, and again got shoved down for it.

After Garcia left, Danielson said he’s not the biggest fan of sports entertainment, but he found that very entertaining. An enraged Jericho said he’s tired of hearing that Bryan is the best wrestler in the world today, because over 15 years, he hasn’t seen it. He put over his background, restating he’s the Last Survivor of Stu Hart’s Dungeon. Danielson indicated that Stu and Jericho’s hero Owen Hart wouldn’t agree, and offered to prove it tonight.

Jericho was down for it, but Sept. 4 at All Out rather than tonight.

A cheap shot attack from J.A.S.’s Jake Hager closed the segment, and probably the deal for Labor Day weekend in Chicagoland.

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