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Jericho implies he was the target of alleged WWE ‘tampering’

All Elite Wrestling

It’s “Team AEW addresses/stokes rumors” day!

Tony Schiavone, Tony Khan, and CM Punk have all talked about various reports of behind-the-scenes issues at AEW. Chris Jericho, however, used Twitter to remind everyone of another recent bit of scuttlebutt — that WWE officials allegedly reached out to a prominent member of the All Elite roster, even though they knew that person was under contract.

Jericho was interacting with fans expressing a desire to see him back in WWE. After telling one that he’d already done their dream matches against AJ Styles and Kevin Owens, he quote-tweeted another who wanted to see a group made up of him, KO & Sami Zayn to imply he’d been the target of WWE’s rumored inquiries:

From the moment he showed up at AEW’s introductory press conference back in 2019, pretty much everyone assumed Jericho would eventually find his way back to WWE, for an eventual Hall of Fame induction if nothing else. Do they want him back sooner for more than just pomp and circumstance? Or is Le Champeon just doing something that’s served him well throughout his legendary career and pulling the spotlight back onto himself?

Give us your take below, Cagesiders.

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