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Hikaru Shida wins championship in Japan; will defend it in AEW

Last week, Hikaru Shida returned to AEW with a new championship in her grasp.

Shida won the Regina Di WAVE Championship from Pro Wrestling WAVE by defeating Suzu Suzuki in Tokyo, Japan on August 14. Thanks to modern technology, the bout is currently available for your viewing pleasure. Even though the match is edited, the clip is long enough to get the full feeling of action. Plus, it is interesting to watch the match observing cultural reactions from local fans in attendance.

Highlights from Shida include a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, backpack piledriver on the apron, and rising knee to German suplex combo. Highlights from Suzuki include a spear, sliding German suplex, and spider German suplex. Shida seized control in the end. She ran up the turnbuckles to unleash a flying enziguri. Shida followed with a Falcon Arrow slam, but Suzuki kicked out on the cover. Suzuki ducked the Katana spinning knee strike, then Shida ducked a lariat. Shida clapped in Suzuki’s face as a trick to go for a roll-up. When Suzuki kicked out, Shida pounced to land the Katana strike. Shida finished with the Tamashii running knee for victory to win the title.

Shida already has a challenger in AEW calling for a shot at the Regina Di WAVE Championship. During Elevation, Emi Sakura wanted a piece. Sakura teamed with Maki Itoh to defeat Shida and Skye Blue. Sakura earned the pinfall on Blue via Queen’s Gambit. Afterward, Shida and Sakura scuffled, then Sakura made the universally recognized motion of mimicking a title belt around her waist.

The Regina Di WAVE Championship was openly acknowledged by Excalibur and Daddy Magic on commentary, which makes you think AEW will be hosting that title duel very soon. And lo and behold...

What’s your reaction to Hikaru Shida winning the Regina Di WAVE Championship? Will her reign be a short one?

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