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AEW name changes and former NXT tag champ debut on Dark

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AEW is making changes on the low-card scene with a pair of new names and the debut of a former NXT tag team champion on Dark.

First on the list, VSK was hired by Ari Daivari to be the Trustbusters butler. That also means a name tweak from VSK to Jeeves Kay. He even wore a butler outfit.

VSK previously battled on the Dark circuit without a win. He exited to ply his trade in Impact and NWA under the tutelage of Brian Myers and Matt Cardona. VSK’s return to AEW was handled low-key at first by appearing in the background of the match graphic and ringside for Trustbusters defeating Ryan Howe, Omar Amir, & Cash Flo via assisted sliced bread from Slim J.

It wasn’t until after that match that Daivari explained the new relationship. Jeeves Kay is the Trust butler. Daivari is sparing no expense to take care of the Trustbusters.

That whole Trustbusters crew feels random as a fit. At least the fist in the air makes them more like a team. VSK has shown the skills to entertain in the ring. Now, he has the opportunity to make an impression. The butler gig seems a bit on the jabroni side, but we’ll have to wait and see how he evolves in AEW.

Next up, say goodbye to Bear Country. Say hell to the Iron Savages. Bear Bronson and Bear Boulder also brought in a new manager, JT Davidson.

The savages mauled Sean Maluta & Manny Lo to win via double cannonball. Afterward, Davidson took reins of the mic. Everything on this planet requires change. Davidson hyped himself as the iron manager and the man who will put a mark on AEW. Bronson spoke about never needing validation from anyone is AEW to know they have been All Elite since stepping foot in the company. He dares anybody to tell them different.

My initial reaction is to not like the name change here, even though, Iron Savages has a nice ring to it. I enjoyed Bear Country’s style and their outfits. On the plus side, it appears nothing has changed in their ring presentation. They still execute badass power moves. It is weird having the same bear names though. Perhaps they just become Bronson and Boulder next time out. Davidson as manager feels a little generic, but he deserves time to find his groove. I didn’t think Mark Sterling fit in AEW at first, but look at him now. The man is a hero and an excellent rabble-rouser. Most important, adding a manager hopefully means AEW has plans for the Iron Savages. The tag team division needs a pair of bruisers to beat up the pretty boy flip squads.

Closing out with Westin Blake (aka Wesley Blake in WWE) wrestling his AEW debut. Blake won NXT tag team gold in 2015 tagging with Buddy Murphy (aka Buddy Matthews). Blake moved on to joining the Forgotten Sons alongside Steve Cutler (aka Steve Maclin) and Jaxson Ryker (aka Gunner). Since being released from WWE, Blake branched out to Control Your Narrative with EC3.

Blake’s AEW debut was against Daniel Garcia (starting at 44:06 of Dark). Blake was competitive getting moves in and gaining momentum down the stretch for a pendulum piledriver in the ropes and a powerbomb pickup for a jawbreaker. Unfortunately for Blake, his high-risk gamble did not pay off. Blake leaped for a moonsault. Garcia dodged, and Blake landed on his feet. Garcia snatched Blake from behind for a reverse suplex and transition to a dragon sleeper.

Blake wrestled well with a few cool moves and was given respect from AEW to permit a tight match against a rising star.

What’s your take on the names changes and new alliances for VSK and Bear Country? Would you like to see more of Westin Blake in AEW?

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