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Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Mark Sterling, & Dark Order advance their Dynamite stories on Dark

Tuesday nights for AEW are usually a smorgasbord of squashes, however, the latest episode of Dark featured a few interesting moments advancing stories for Dynamite. Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Mark Sterling, and the Dark Order delivered promos worth watching prior to the Wednesday night main course.

Baker closed the show with a brawl after intruding on her Dynamite opponent’s time. Baker is booked to wrestle KiLynn King one week after Toni Storm served King a loss. In the main event of Dark, King earned a victory over Mafiosa via pumphandle suplex.

After the win, King cut a promo busting Tony Schiavone’s chops over his favoritism for his friend. When King got her foot in the door during the pandemic, she bust her butt to stay. After a year, King realized there wasn’t a spot for her in AEW, so she hit the road on the indies to build buzz on her name. A few months later, King is back in AEW. She took #1 ranked Toni Storm to the limit on Dynamite last week. She’ll be back again on Dynamite this week in her hometown Cleveland, OH, and it’s fitting that her opponent will be Shittsburgh’s own Britt Baker.

Upon the mention of Baker’s name, hit the dentist’s music. Baker wasn’t allowing those insults to go unanswered. Baker took control with her own microphone to mock King’s story of perseverance. King doesn’t deserve applause for doing what she should be doing by working hard. In comparison, Baker has built an empire in AEW and still made it to her dental office to see patients. She is the face of the AEW women’s division, a role model, and the baddest bitch on the block. As much as Baker would like to end this nonsense right now, DMD don’t do Dark.

King responded to Baker’s hit-and-run shit talking. King knows how much Baker likes to bleed, so how about she busts Baker open right now to get her a new t-shirt. Baker was astonished at the lack of respect. Baker shot back that a drop of blood on this ring canvas will still be worth more than anything King could ever do.

Fisticuffs erupted! Baker pie-faced King, so King tackled Baker for punches. Baker escaped, but King gave chase to smash Baker into the barricade. King stood tall with momentum heading into Dynamite.

This was a really fun scene building fire for what was previously a cold fight. It was simple yet tremendously effective. Definitely watch the clip if you are interested in Baker versus King on Dynamite.

As for Mark Sterling, he accompanied the tag team of Tony Nese & Josh Woods for their win over GKM & Oliver Sawyer via Olympic slam cutter teamwork combo. After the match, Sterling informed the Blackpool Combat Club of possible litigation. Sterling was upset about Jon Moxley attacking him and Nese last week on Dynamite to rob them of national exposure that in turn stole money from their pockets.

Not only was Moxley a jerk, but Sterling claimed that Wheeler Yuta stole the ROH Pure Championship from Woods. The Blackpool Combat Club also bleed wherever they want forcing sanitation workers to be overworked cleaning BCC blood stains. Sterling knows BCC has a Swiss bank account, that Bryan Danielson has money, and that Danielson’s wife (Brie Bella) has even more money. BCC should be watching their mailbox, because they could be getting served.

This was a funny promo from Sterling as a way to ignite a feud with the Blackpool Combat Club. That beef should be entertaining inside and outside the ring for a mini story. Nese and Woods might be clowning with Sterling, but they can go in the ring to produce entertaining matches with the BCC.

Last but not least, the Dark Order trio of Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and 10 hyped their AEW World Trios Championship tournament match in convincing fashion. The Dark Order will compete against the House of Black on Rampage. They were victorious on Dark versus Joey Sweets, DK Vandu, & Tyshaun Perez via pendulum bomb teamwork finisher.

Silver stated that nobody sees the Dark Order getting past the first round. Even though they are underdogs, they will beat spooky pervert ass. Reynolds is confident in saying no trio in the tournament has a stronger bond than the Dark Order. It is their time to make history as the first-ever AEW trios champions.

The Dark Order looks ready to take the next step up the ladder after that promo.

Were these Dark promos from Dr. Britt Baker DMD, KiLynn King, Mark Sterling, and the Dark Order effective in building your anticipation for Dynamite and Rampage? Which one was your favorite?

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