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Being The Elite explains why Hangman Page didn’t answer CM Punk’s challenge

When Dynamite makes the questions, Being The Elite has the answers. The latest episode of BTE revealed why Hangman Page did not respond to CM Punk’s impromptu challenge for a world title rematch. Plus, Kenny Omega returned to BTE.

During last week’s Dynamite, Punk called out Hangman for an immediate title rematch. Hangman did not show, so Punk gloated by calling that coward shit. It was an odd sidestep for Punk’s feud with Jon Moxley to unify the AEW World Championship, which is surprisingly booked for this week’s Dynamite. Punk’s jab at Hangman was so odd that it has many fans playing the game of work or shoot.

Thanks to a scene on BTE (starting at 8:03), it turns out that Hangman was occupied training the Dark Order for the AEW World Trios Championship tournament.

Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and 10 were a foursome ready for trios, then things went south. Evil Uno revealed that he won’t be present for the tournament match against the House of Black. Instead, he will be in Germany promoting the AEW video game. Reynolds, Silver, and 10 were rocked by this news. How could they compete in a trios match with only three people? Trio has four letters after all.

Hangman rallied the Dark Order to work harder. More intensity, more fire, more sex! That’s when an AEW staffer knocked on the door to inform Hangman that Punk was in the ring. Hangman was so focused on the task at hand that he shouted for the staffer to get out. I don’t think Hangman actually heard what the staffer said. The Dark Order went back to work with leapfrog exercises as Hangman blew his whistle.

So, that answers that.

“Kenny Omega Is Back!” - Being The Elite, Ep. 320 also addressed the return of Kenny Omega to team with the Young Bucks against Los Ingobernables in the trios tournament.

The episode started with a slow motion montage of the reunion in the hotel lobby. Omega was playing pinball and staring at a photo of Cody Rhodes on his cellular phone, Nick Jackson was partaking in video gambling, and Matt Jackson was lugging his luggage. All three ran gingerly with injuries to the meeting spot for a group hug. Michael Nakazawa happened to walk by and was the target of a tripe superkick. The Elite are officially back.

Highlights aired from the Cutler Cam of the trios victory and Omega’s post-show promo. The closing scene saw the Elite stuffed full of fast food. The Bucks were glad Omega had their back. When Omega asked about Adam Cole, it was clear that he hasn’t been watching Dynamite. Omega was unaware of Cole’s treacherous attack on the Bucks.

The Bucks were in a jam with literally nobody else to be their partner. Omega and the Bucks laid it on thick with Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa in the room listening. When Nakazawa and Cutler protested, the Elite burst out in laughter at the preposterous idea of them as partners. Omega said that Nak and Cutler are worthless.

BTE also had story development for Matt Hardy and Private Party. Hardy watched Private Party’s match backstage on a monitor. Despite derailing their careers, he wants Private Party to do well. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that applies to Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen. Hardy accepts that he hasn’t been a good person, so he is working on changing that. He will be keeping an eye on Private Party from afar. Hardy owes it to them to make sure they correct course.

It appears that Mark Sterling might be setting up litigious beef with Stokely Hathaway. BTE aired a commercial with Sterling offering his legal expertise in cases of position theft. Sterling aims to represent those that were doing their job well then were inexplicably replaced. Mark Jindrak appeared as a satisfied client receiving compensation for being dumped out of Evolution in favor of Batista.

The reason I mention Hathaway is because he came out of nowhere to take Sterling’s spot in the Baddies. Sterling’s commercial started with a comical blurred screen and voice alteration to hide his identity, even though, it was obviously Sterling. Hathaway fits the description of position theft in this scenario. Or I could be misreading intent, and this was just a case of Sterling pulling a sneaky lawyer trick with a fake testimonial and being too cheap to pay someone else to do it.

In other relevant news, John Silver retained the BTE Championship against Alex Reynolds by winning a game of water chug cup flip. Silver was shaken after Reynolds won the first round. The champ turned it around to rally for a 3-1 victory.

Share your thoughts on the latest episode of Being The Elite. Are you satisfied with that explanation for why Hangman Page did not answer CM Punk’s challenge? Are you happy to see the Elite up to their old tricks on BTE?

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