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CM Punk celebrates one year in AEW with the greatest meme of all time

It’s been one year since CM Punk made his long awaited return to pro wrestling at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. AEW came onto the scene and created exactly the kind of environment that would rekindle his love for the game, and a friendship with President Tony Khan, not to mention the willingness to cut a good deal, led him back to the industry that made him famous.

He celebrated as much in a post on Instagram with the greatest meme of all time:

There may be rumors and reports flying around about unrest behind-the-scenes, and maybe it’s all a work or a shoot or a worked shoot when you work a work and turn your work into a shoot, marks, but we’ll always have that drive into deep left field to make it a 4-0 ballgame.

And, hopefully, we’ll continue to get CM Punk doing his thing in pro wrestling.

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