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Andrade and Rush explain reasons for turning on Dragon Lee

Los Ingobernables entered Dynamite on Wednesday night with three members. They left with only two.

Andrade, Rush, and Dragon Lee teamed together in a losing effort to the Young Bucks and the returning Kenny Omega in the AEW World Trios Championship tournament. Immediately after the match, the story of Los Ingobernables swerved when Andrade planted Dragon Lee with a hammerlock DDT. Dragon Lee’s own brother, Rush, supported Andrade’s actions.

As a result of that betrayal, Dragon Lee decided to leave the group.

Andrade didn’t seem to care as he posted a laughing reply.

Andrade explained that the Ingobernable way is to never respect anyone.

Andrade put over Dragon Lee as a great luchador, but Dragon Lee failed to embrace the rudo style of Los Ingobernables. Andrade knows that Dragon Lee will have a great future. However, if they ever wrestle each other, it will end badly for Dragon Lee.

Dragon Lee didn’t think he would be betrayed in that manner. He could see it coming from Andrade but not from Rush. The stronger people don’t always win. It’s the people that never give up when losing.

Rush chimed in with the same reasons explained by Andrade. It’s a shame that Dragon Lee is a tecnico and doesn’t like being a rudo. Rush loves his brother though. If Dragon Lee ever decides to be a true Ingobernable, he knows Rush will be there if he needs it as he continues his journey.

Dragon Lee shot back questioning the claim of brotherly love. That’s the second time Rush has betrayed him to look like shit. No worries. Dragon Lee loves his brother as well. But to be clear, they are not brothers in the ring. Rush is a different person inside the ring.

The drama doesn’t end there between just Andrade, Rush, and Dragon Lee. The Ingobernables faction in Mexico also includes the third Muñoz brother, Dralistico (formerly the second Mistico in CMLL). Dralistico often tag teams with Dragon Lee as Los Hermanos Lee.

Dralistico is siding with Dragon Lee. He viewed Rush’s actions as unforgivable, made worse by choosing Andrade over family. Dralistico also announced via Twitter that he is leaving Los Ingobernables to stand alongside Dragon Lee, but he later deleted the tweets.

If you’re wondering why Andrade, Rush, Dragon Lee, and Dralistico are airing this dirty laundry in Spanish on Twitter, I would suspect the reason is that this story can make a lot of money on the Mexican indie scene. Andrade & Rush versus Dragon Lee & Dralistico is a box office match. That’s one that AAA might consider scooping up for one of their big shows, such as the upcoming Triplemania XXX Chapter 3 on October 15.

Which side of Los Ingobernables drama do you stand?

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