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CM Punk apparently went into business for himself when he called out Hangman Page

CM Punk cut his first promo in months to kick off the Aug. 17 episode of Dynamite. The main purpose of the segment was to further his issues with Jon Moxley, and eventually get to the announcement that that Punk’s first match back from a broken foot would be against Mox to unify the AEW World title on next Wednesday’s episode. But before he did that, Punk took aim at the man he beat for the belt back at Double or Nothing.

The feud with Hangman Page was always odd. Page came into it a true blue babyface, but suddenly took on a villainous tone for his title fight with Punk. At times it seemed like a continuation of themes from Punk’s feuds with Eddie Kingston and Maxwell Jacob Friedman, with the anxious millennial cowboy warning everyone that Punk was someone who couldn’t be trusted. But it also made Hangman seem more insecure than ever, and unlike in the past, with a petty, angry slant.

Punk mostly seemed like he was above it all, and that winning the title from Page was just business. And in the brief time between when he won the belt and injured his foot, Punk showed no signs that Hangman (or MJF and Kingston) was right.

When he called out Page last night, demanding an apology that was “louder than the disrespect”, and accusing him of “coward shit” when he didn’t answer the challenge for a rematch in Charleston, West Virginia, it seemed like a sign that at some point, we’d be getting more Hangman vs. Punk.

But according to Wrestling Observer Radio, there are no plans for that feud to resume, at least not at All Out next month. Dave Meltzer said:

“CM Punk thing at the start of the show with Adam Page. That was weird, for everyone — nobody knew he was going to do that

“If you remember months ago when they were feuding & I said there was a lot of reality to it — well, theres a lot of reality to it.”

Meltzer’s co-host Bryan Alvarez went so far as to say that Punk ”went into business for himself” with those remarks.

“Whatever they are going to do next week with the title match... Punk’s promo has absolutely zero, zilch to do with whatever they are doing at the PPV. That was not supposed to happen. Punk went into business for himself and then moved on.”

Page’s current storyline involves him cornering Dark Order in the Trios Tournament, which was set up with a segment where he talked about the importance of standing by your fans. There’s not much there to that would make it easy for him to jump back into a tweener role he seemed to be playing opposite Punk this spring. This tongue in cheek tweet from Dark Order’s John Silver seems to indicate Hangman was caught off guard by Punk’s verbal attack, and maybe diffuse the situation with some humor:

For his part, Page just tweeted some lyrics from Megan Thee Stallion’s new song, “Anxiety”. That could either be a comment on how the situation makes him feel, or just his usual somewhat esoteric social media game.

So what gives? Did Page say something that rubbed the often thin-skinned Punk the wrong way? Or is this a seed in some long-term, heavily secret angle involving the AEW originals against ex-WWE stars like Punk?

Time will tell, I suppose. For now, all we can say is that Hangman took the attacks on him better than the Mad King took being called the third best Eddie and second best Kingston Punk’s ever shared a ring with...

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