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Danielson may have convinced Garcia he’s a wrestler, not a sports entertainer

Daniel Garcia put Bryan Danielson to sleep in their match on Dynamite last month. It took an assist from his Jericho Appreciation Society teammate Jake Hager, and the announcers sold it as being a product of Danielson coming back from injury too soon.

For their two-out-of-three falls rematch on the Aug. 17 edition of Dynamite, Garcia didn’t need any help to put Bryan to sleep and go up 1-0.

Danielson’s injury status was again an issue, as Jim Ross chastised referee Bryce Remsburg for starting the second fall before the American Dragon recovered from passing out in Garcia’s Dragon Sleeper. Bryan’s wrestling IQ made the difference despite his apparent wooziness, as he pinned the self-styled Dragonslayer as he tried to win the match with another Dragon Sleeper.

He was bloodied by the beating he took between the first two falls, but Bryan looked completely recovered for the final stretch. A headfirst dive to the outside took the battle to the floor. There, Garcia was also busted open, and a sequence where the two men took turns pulling each other into the ringpost left them both barely able to beat Remsburg’s ten count.

Garcia and Danielson tried for submissions, but neither the Dragon Tamer or LeBell Lock could be fully applied. A brutal striking exchange led to an MMA battle on the mat, with each man throwing punches and elbows while Bryan had a triangle applied. He eventually did enough damage to get the LeBell Lock on, Garcia passed out, and Remsberg called it.

In the aftermath, the Dragon extended his hand to the Dragonslayer as a sign of respect. As Garcia went to accept, Chris Jericho ran in from commentary to blindside Danielson... but his young teammate pulled him off! Jericho chastised Garcia, who looked conflicted as the crowd chanted “You’re a wrestler” to the self-proclaimed Greatest Technical Sports Entertainer in the World.

Danielson’s talked about wanting Garcia for Blackpool Combat Club. Could he end up in that group after all?

In a follow-up segment, Jericho demanded an answer from Garcia about his allegiances next week. Tonight’s guest timekeeper Ricky Steamboat showed up to weigh in and say Danielson would be a better mentor for the Dragonslayer... and chop Cool Hand Ang for putting his hands on him.

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