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AEW women’s division news: Penelope Ford returns, Julia Hart new gear & theme song, more!

This week’s AEW episodes of Elevation and Dark had a few interesting news items scattered throughout. Penelope Ford returned from injury, Julia Hart rocked new gear with a new theme song, and powerhouse Kayla Rossi debuted in the ring.

Penelope Ford had been out of action since January due to injury. She made her in-ring return for the Elevation taping on August 10, which aired on Monday.

Ford took care of business against Heather Reckless to win via bridging Indian death lock.

Ford wasn’t alone for her match. Box-head Kip Sabian was in the front row, and Ford lovingly acknowledged her husband to pop the crowd.

AEW Elevation

Julia Hart embraced the dark side by joining the House of Black. And now, she has new gear and a new theme song to match her evil attitude. Hart had been wrestling in her cheerleader outfit. Not anymore.

Hart’s tune is called, “Harder Hart.” The music was written by Colin Young with lead vocals from Emma Boster. Give it a listen in the clip below (full version here).

Young posted the lyrics:

Born from pain, inside my veins.
Bred for war, begging for more.
None shall mourn, I am reborn.
Live in sin, the house always wins.

My heart grows harder.
Darker and darker, now I see the truth.
My blood flows black with you.

Hart dispatched Free-Range Kara with a submission to win.

Over on Dark, Kayla Rossi made her in-ring debut for AEW. Rossi was originally introduced last year as the powerhouse backup for Joey Janela.

Joey Janela Scott Lesh

With Janela out of the picture, Rossi was accompanied by Diamond Sheik. She powered through Avery Breaux. Rossi looked good for her experience level. A signature sequence included curling Breaux into a Samoan drop to a kip-up to a standing moonsault. Rossi used a brainbuster as her finisher.

Share you thoughts on Penelope Ford, Julia Hart, and Kayla Rossi from this week’s action.

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