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AEW Dark Elevation recap (Aug. 15, 2022): The Acclaimed face a real Fowler

Episode 76 of AEW Dark: Elevation is in the books! If you missed the live broadcast click here for the Cageside Seats stream. The announce team of Excalibur and “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard called the matches for this episode. Tonight’s show features a real Fowler so let’s just get right to it shall we?

Tony Nese & Josh Woods vs. Arik Cannon & Travis Titan

Nese was 20-7, Woods was 3-3 and “Smart” Mark Sterling was with them both. Cannon and Titan were making their AEW tag team debut but “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon got a nice reception since they were in Minneapolis. Titan immediately ate a knee to the face from Woods before Nese got tagged in. Nese made a lazy pin cover and Titan kicked out at one. Nese picked him up and he escaped to hot tag Cannon. Cannon hit a clothesline, a kick to the jaw and a corkscrew neckbreaker before Woods broke up the pin. Titan ran in too and Woods hit him with a knee strike. Cannon threw him out, Nese hit him from behind, Woods tagged in legally and they immediately double teamed him for the pin. Excalibur: “I don’t know what to call that!” Mr. Menard didn’t know what to call it either.

The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, Evil Uno, John Silver & Preston “10” Vance) vs. Adam Grace, Riley Jackson, Drew System & T.U.G. Cooper

Dark Order brought a record of 1-0 in four on four action. All of their opponents were waiting in the ring to “make their 8-man tag debut.” I think you can guess this match was to appease the crowd after they had to watch local favorite Arik Cannon get demolished. As Mr. Menard himself noted Dark Order gets a strong reaction almost everywhere AEW goes when they come out. He also noted he doesn’t like the pose with the hand sign they do. Vance put spine on the pine, did a discus lariat, and the jabroni who looked like a lost member of the Rock ‘n Roll Express took their Pendulum team finisher before “Johnny Hungee” made the pin.

Serena Deeb vs. Sierra

“The Professor” brought a record of 10-1 to the ring. Sierra was waiting for her with a record of 0-3. The good news for Sierra? They trust her in the ring with their contracted talent. The bad news for Sierra? She’s being paid to look at the lights every time she’s booked. Given she was in the ring with a submission specialist, she wouldn’t even get to do that. She tried to exchange strikes with Deeb, put on the brakes and kick her in the face, but Deeb’s response was to hit a hanging neckbreaker between the ropes. Deeb hit an elbow to the pack of the head, slapped Sierra in the face, Sierra escaped a hold for a thrust kick but then Deeb made her dizzy by countering a backslide multiple times before hitting Detox and applying the Serenity Lock. Sierra tapped out face down.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Cezar Bononi

Bononi got his own entrance for this match, sporting a record of 2-7 for 2022. No one cared. The guitar licks for Takeshita hit and the crowd erupted. He brought a record of 7-5 to the ring. Menard: “People are calling this the summer of Moxley right? I think there’s an argument to be made that it’s the summer of Takeshita.” He could use a better W/L record in AEW if we really wanted that statement to be true, but emotionally at least I’m not inclined to argue with Mr. Menard. Takeshita threw some elbows, Bononi missed two clotheslines, and the Takeshita Lina connected. Takeshita smacked him in the face with a forearm, Bononi hit a backbreaker and a tiger driver but Takeshita kicked out. Bononi ate a kick to the face and a jumping knee, then a running knee strike for the sudden victory.

Julia Hart vs. Free-Range Kara

House of Black’s own Julia Hart brought down the lights and brought out the smoke machines, then brought a record of 10-3 to the ring. Free-Range Kara was making her AEW debut in this contest. Kara was very wary of the scary Hart, and ate a kick to the face the moment she got close. She tried to roll out of the ring to recover and Hart calmly and methodically stalked her until suddenly sprinting forward with a vicious clothesline. She threw Kara back in, posted her into the turnbuckle, then unloaded with strikes until the ref told her to break at four. Kara returned the favor and got the same warning, then Hart took her down with a choke slam and got warned to let go of Kara’s throat. Hart locked on her submission and Kara twitched in agony. Menard: “Back to the farm!”

Private Party vs. Jah-C and JDX

Private Party brought a record of 30-21 to the match in Minneapolis. Jah-C and JDX were working together as a tag team for the first time in AEW. A small JDX chant broke out as the bout got underway. They didn’t have long to say anything though because neither Jah-C nor JDX got in a single moment of offense. The 100% one-sided affair ended with Gin & Juice.

Penelope Ford vs. Heather Reckless

The returning Ford brought a record of 34-19. Reckless was waiting for her 0-1. Menard: “Wait a minute, Reckless? That’s her father’s name, Reckless? I don’t know about that.” Here’s what I do know Mr. Menard - every match for your debut on commentary has been short, featured a star beating up a worker, and the result was never in doubt whether you read the spoilers or not. Kip Sabian was at ringside wearing a box on his head for this one. Ford hit a gut buster and bridged an Indian Deathlock for the victory.

The Acclaimed vs. JT Energy & Justin Fowler

The Acclaimed were 37-9. Caster: “Yo! Listen! Listen! Yo! Yo! Acclaimed leave you stained like Hawaiian Punch, running up on you like the FBI did Trump. This little dude, there’s no saving him. Bout to kick his ass to the curb like Pete Davidson. This other dude can’t handle. Looking like a broke ass Christopher Daniels. You getting run down man. The Acclaimed in the house, we’re the uncrowned champs.”

Fowler and Energy were making their debut as a team here. The rap was longer than the match. Caster hit a mic drop on Energy a/k/a “broke ass Christopher Daniels” for the pin.

Hikaru Shida, Thunder Rosa & Toni Storm vs. Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura & Marina Shafir

Rise 51-14, Shafir 10-4, Sakura 18-8, all accompanied by Vickie Guerrero and Baliyan Akki. Shida came out first for the faces followed by Storm and Rosa. They weren’t billed individually but instead listed as making their debut as a trio. Shida hit Sakura with a backbreaker and Sakura returned the favor. Sakura tied her up in the ropes and sat on her while having a spot of tea before tagging in Rose. Rose missed a senton and ate a meteora. Shida tagged in Storm and she hit a diving crossbody and a neckbreaker. Sakura interfered and got thrown out but it gave Rose time to hit a superkick. Shafir tagged in and Storm went for an inside cradle and followed it with a shotgun dropkick. Hip attack was next. Storm hit a DDT for the pin with nobody for the heels able to break it up, which is rather unusual in a six person match, as is the fact that Thunder Rosa never even tagged in. It was another very short bout though in keeping with the theme of this entire episode.

What to watch/skip

Tonight’s “what to watch/skip” is brought to you by 2 Stupid Dogs. I’m convinced my best friend Chris and I are the only ones who remember this show existed! Prove me wrong. The pendulum (no Dark Order pun intended) swings both ways on this particular Elevation. Personally I’d have preferred 2-3 less matches with a few minutes more in the ring each, but it’s equally fair to say that this was an episode where there was absolutely no doubt who the winners and losers were. It’s hard to pick a stand out match or a skippable one when they all followed the same format (the agents could work on that in the back) so I guess the +least+ skippable thing was Max Caster’s rap. The whole show was good if you enjoy squashes and stars padding out their records. If you forgot to watch it this week though, I’d understand.

Cageside commentary crew! Share your thoughts in the comments section below and find me on Twitter for even more wrestling talk. See you tomorrow night for AEW Dark!

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