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Chris Jericho’s foot is disgusting

I’m just going to pay off that title right away:

My god, the man doesn’t have a big toenail. It’s just not there. There are nails on his other toes. As hideous as they may be, they are, in fact, there. But there is no nail on that big toe. I am horrified by it and yet I can’t look away from it. I’m not entirely sure how he can even exist normally in the world just walking around like this.


Wrestling is not fake. If you ever had a doubt, it should be erased now that you’ve been exposed to that photograph. We should all be grateful, even if terrified, that Jericho decided to share it with us.

In other news, shared directly after that tweet:

Yeah, man, totally. Great show. Normal life. Very cool life. Just watching shows and living the life.

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