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Bryan Danielson: ‘I will never willfully stop wrestling’

Bryan Danielson was recently out of action due to his latest concussion. When he returned to action a couple weeks ago, his history with head trauma was worked into the match, leading to Daniel Garcia upsetting Bryan in his comeback match. That set the stage for next week’s Dragon vs. Dragonslayer two-out-of-three falls match with Danielson and Garcia on Dynamite.

Before we get there, though, Bryan returned to AEW television tonight (Aug. 12) on Rampage. This was his first TV appearance since Garcia beat him. He addressed the end of his pro wrestling career. Danielson said nothing makes him feel more alive than being inside the ring, and he will never choose to stop wrestling:

Garcia came out and admitted that Bryan is his hero, but it hurts him to see Bryan go back and forth with retirement like this. So the only choice he has is to hurt Bryan and end his career next week. When that happens, Bryan will have to acknowledge that Garcia is the greatest technical sports entertainer in the world.

Bryan responded by saying it’s time for Garcia to make the choice to abandon Chris Jericho’s sports entertainment bullshit.

With their war or words out of the way, how hyped are you to see Dragon vs. Dragonslayer next week on Dynamite, Cagesiders?

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