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Madison Rayne loses farewell match in Impact

Madison Rayne is currently signed with AEW as head coach of the women’s division, but that hasn’t stopped her from appearing in Impact. Thanks to television production, Rayne’s previously taped farewell match aired on Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling. It wasn’t billed as an official goodbye, but it is safe to guess that Rayne is unlikely to be in any fresh Impact content anytime soon. Roll the tape!

Rayne entered the Impact Zone to square off against Mia Yim. One night after competing live as a babyface in AEW on Dynamite against Jade Cargill for the TBS Championship, Rayne’s character in Impact was on the heel side.

The match began with chain wrestling for lockups, hammerlocks, headlocks, headscissors handstands, and roll-ups. Rayne exited the ring to regroup. She used her veteran savvy in a game of cat and mouse. When Yim gave chase, Rayne slid into the ring and out again as a trick to catch Yim in a precarious position to swing her face into the ring post.

Yim rallied for a tarantula hold in the ropes. Rayne dodged a flying dropkick to execute a bridging Northern Lights suplex.

Rayne was breaking down Yim by bongoing her head into the canvas. Rayne went high risk and paid the price. Yim caught Rayne’s flying hurricanrana to counter for a powerbomb.

Yim went back on the attack with a clothesline, high kick, dropkick, shotgun dropkick, and running cannonball in the corner. Rayne was able to grab the ropes on the pin cover to continue the contest. Yim charged into a back body drop from Rayne. Rayne hopped onto Yim’s back for a crucifix bomb. Yim kicked out.

Rayne aimed to finish with the Cross Rayne rolling cutter, but Yim kneed her way free. A Pele kick set up Eat Defeat for Yim to win.

If that was the final end for Rayne’s run in Impact, then she went out strutting her stuff and putting over Yim to build momentum toward Yim’s Knockouts title shot against Jordynne Grace at Emergence on Friday, August 12.

What was your favorite moment of Madison Rayne’s Impact career?

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