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CM Punk is back, and a unification match with Mox looms

Jon Moxley wanted the Lionheart version of Chris Jericho for their AEW interim World championship match on the Quake by the Lake edition of Dynamite on Aug. 10. From the start, it was clear he was getting the Last Survivor of the Hart Dungeon.

By the time Jericho ripped some Jewelry out of Moxley’s ear, the champ knew what he was dealing with.

That gave Mox the color his fans love and his detractors roll their eyes at, but if that latter group changed the channel, they missed a Walls of Jericho that stretched across an entire picture-in-picture commercial break... and a little something else we’ll get to in a moment.

Moxley’s resilience and ability to absorb damage was a huge theme of the match. Before it was done, he survived a bat shot (thrown to Jericho by Sammy Guevara from the crowd) and bouncing off an exposed turnbuckle right into a Judas Effect.

The heelish chicanery came back to bite the challenger. Moxley dodged a belt shot and sent Jericho right into the exposed turnbuckle. That busted him open, and left him prone for a choke hold. The Lionheart fought, but had no choice but to tap.

He wasn’t going to be a good sport about it though. Jericho Appreciation Society flooded the ring to assault Mox, which brought out Blackpool Combat Club and Eddie Kingston. The JAS’ numbers were too great, however. Who could save the interim titleholder?

How about the other AEW World champ?

CM Punk’s been sidelined since shortly after winning the belt at Double or Nothing. He looked good here though, and there was no doubt what the show-closing staredown was foreshadowing. Punk responded to Moxley’s middle finger by hopping around on his surgically repaired foot, and I smell an All Out main event.

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