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63 year old Sting rises from the grave to help Darby Allin in a bloody Coffin Match

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The rivalry between Darby Allin and Brody King has been brutal. The House of Black big man has followed Allin around the country to inflict violence on his long-time rival. So we knew their Coffin Match at the Quake by the Lake edition of Dynamite on Aug. 10 wouldn’t be for the faint of heart.

We may have underestimated that, though.

Action started before King had even completed his entrance, and since it featured Darby’s thumbtack-covered skateboard deck, the blood started flowing immediately, too.

A thick crimson mask didn’t stop King, who ragdolled Allin all around the ring area like it was San Diego Comic-Con. Darby can take a lot of punishment though, and he fought back with big moves — and evading a splash that sent Brody through some tables. He wasn’t prepared for Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews & Julia Hart, though...

...or was he?

Sting took out Matthews, and had an interesting interaction with Malakai (as if his facepaint reflecting the eye Black misted him in wasn’t interesting enough). He tossed his bat to the House of Black leader, but Malakai threw it down and walked off. The Icon looked perplexed, and stalked Black up the ramp.

Back to the main combatants, Allin was finally able to connect with his suicide dive, but not to put King in the coffin. He’d have to survive more beating first before producing a chain. Darby used that to choke out Brody and shove him into a coffin, a nifty callback to how the big man eliminated him at Royal Rampage to start this iteration of their feud.

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