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Vickie Guerrero gives her AEW team a new name

Vickie Guerrero arrived in AEW to manage “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose. Their partnership was dubbed the Vicious Vixens. Lately, Rose has been partnering with “The Problem” Marina Shafir in several tag team bouts. Vickie decided it was time to make a formal offer to Shafir and give this threesome a new name.

Rose and Shafir took care of business with a teep kick spinebuster combo finisher on episode 156 of Dark.

After the victory, Guerrero grabbed the mic to invite Shafir as a member of the newly dubbed, “Beast of Burdens.”

Guerrero explained the new name:

Vickie Guerrero: Nyla Rose is the example of destruction, and Marina Shafir is called The Problem. Now, for a little educational lesson, the problem is defined as a matter or situation that is harmful and needs to be resolved. And, Marina, I welcome any and all problems. I mean think of it, ladies. The three of us can create a unique union, and with that, will bring endless opportunities.

Now for all you podcasters, interviewers, and, hell, even the dirt sheets, you will now address the three of us as the Beast of Burdens.

The big question becomes if AEW is positioning more women’s tag teams for a reason. New tag titles or the return of a tag team tournament would make sense and give the Beast of Burdens something tangible to accomplish.

How do you like the name Beast of Burdens? What do you think the future holds for Nyla Rose, Marina Shafir, and Vickie Guerrero in AEW?

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