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Andrade video appears to hint at another Ingobernables member coming to AEW

File this in the ‘could be something, could be nothing’ folder. Being that speculating about new arrivals to wrestling promotions is loads of fun, let’s dive into a possible tease posted by Andrade.

When Andrade brought Rush into AEW, La Faccion Ingobernable was resurrected. Andrade and Rush share deep history together as founding members of Los Ingobernables faction in 2014 during their time with CMLL.

Andrade and Rush may not be the only Ingobernables members that will arrive in AEW. Andrade recently posted a silent video of what appears to be business negotiations with Rush. The interesting part is the ending toast. Andrade, Rush, and Jose The Assistant makes three, however, there were four hands holding glasses.

Could that be a clue that another Ingobernables member arriving to AEW is imminent? Jose did post four fists in a Twitter reply.

Let’s break down the possibilities.

La Mascara is the third founding member of Los Ingobernables, but I would be very surprised if he gets the call from AEW. La Mascara isn’t on the same peak level of performance these days as Andrade and Rush.

Lucha Libre AAA

Other members of the CMLL crew include Marco Corleone, Bestia del Ring, Rey Escorpion, and El Terrible. I’d cross off Escorpion and Terrible from the list. Escorpion is busy cracking skulls in AAA, and Terrible has his own Ingobernables off-shoot in CMLL with Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja. Corleone may be better known as Mark Jindrak to some, even though, he achieved megastar status in Mexico under the Corleone moniker. Corleone would be a cool treat for lucha libre fans. Bestia is Rush’s father and often follows wherever his sons lands. With Corleone and Bestia, I’m not sure they can bring enough to the table (after an initial pop) for AEW to flash cash on a contract.

There is one name from the CMLL Ingobernables that would be a front-runner in betting odds. That would be Tetsuya Naito. He joined the faction in Mexico then expanded into NJPW with Los Ingobernables de Japon. The Forbidden Door is often swinging wide open in AEW. The surprise of Naito would get fans talking.


Moving past the CMLL iteration, Ring of Honor also had an Ingobernables faction. That group included Rush, Bestia, Dragon Lee, and Kenny King. King is currently plying his trade in Impact. Dragon Lee would be my top guess. He happens to be Rush’s brother and is also awesome in the ring. Dragon Lee has the type of talent that AEW would happily invest in his future.

One reason why I would pause on Dragon Lee is that Dralistico, the third brother, would be left out. If Rush and Dragon Lee can swing deals with AEW, I’d believe they would do their best to get Dralistico on the wagon as well. Dralistico can back it up in the ring as another good lucha libre practitioner.

If we lean into the idea that this is much ado about nothing, then the fourth hand could be Rush’s wife. She has been in Ingobernables videos in Mexico as a patrona. If you really want to blow your mind, what if it was Charlotte Flair? It’s possible that she just happened to be chilling with Andrade when they made the video.

And then there’s always the chance that AEW is adding one of their own talents or maybe even a newly signed luchador from WWE, AAA, or CMLL.

Who do you hope will be the next member of Los Ingobernables to arrive in AEW? Which current AEW wrestlers do you think would be a good fit in Los Ingobernables?

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