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Dark Order member debuts in Impact for title match

Dark Order member Alan “5” Angels was excited for what’s next after his departure from AEW. Thursday night offered a taste on Impact Wrestling as Angels challenged “Speedball” Mike Bailey for the X-Division Championship.

Angels arrived for his Impact debut to open the broadcast. Commentary openly acknowledging Angels’ past in AEW as a masked man in the Dark Order.

Angels immediately showed signs of a slight change in character. After a handshake of sportsmanship, Angels slapped Bailey across the face. When Angels went for a second slap, Bailey blocked and unloaded a barrage of kicks to set up a moonsault to the outside.

Angels came back for a frog splash off the apron down to the floor. The match progressed with total non-stop action, such as a running corkscrew shooting star press from Bailey. Angels was close to victory on an airplane spin neckbreaker, but Bailey showed championship mettle to kick out on the cover.

Bailey gained control and aimed to finish with the Flamingo Driver, however, Angels escaped to counter for a wing snapper. Bailey kicked out. Angels punted the champ in the face then launched for a frog splash. Bailey moved away causing Angels to crash to the mat. That was Angels’ big mistake to cost him in the end. Bailey seized the moment for a spinning kick across the the ring then an Ultima Weapon double knee drop onto Angels’ back for victory.

The two competitors shared a handshake of respect after the match.

Angels had an excellent showing in his Impact debut. As of now, he has not been officially signed to Impact. After that performance, the door is likely open for a return down the line. Impact has the type of talent in the X-Division for Angels to thrive.

Would you like to see Alan Angels return to Impact? Which opponents for Angels make your mouth water?

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