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Wardlow shoots on MJF: ‘He really is a piece of sh*t’


At the very beginning of June, MJF appeared on AEW Dynamite and dropped a pipe bomb on that “fucking mark” Tony Khan due to unhappiness with the terms of his contract. MJF was promptly removed from the AEW roster in the aftermath of that infamous segment and has remained absent from subsequent AEW programming.

Since then, a good portion of the wrestling media has let AEW President Tony Khan get away with telling them to not ask him questions about MJF. I guess for some folks the allure of access and friendly relations is a bigger motivator than doing one’s job well.

Naturally, some of the AEW wrestlers like Chris Jericho and Wardlow are being asked for their perspective on the MJF drama. Wardlow is one of the most protected stars in the company and worked with MJF for nearly three years before finally breaking away from him earlier in 2022. Here is what he told The Wrestling Classic’s Justin Dhillon when asked for his thoughts on MJF:

“Honestly I shouldn’t even give this subject the time of day, and I really don’t care to...He was the first three years of my career. He was a big part of my career. So if anybody is allowed to touch on this subject, it probably is me.

But I’ll just say this. He’s not a good person. He really is a piece of shit. It was not enjoyable working with him. And he put me through more stress than anything. And his behavior inside of the business and outside of the business is unacceptable. But that’s all I’m gonna say about that.”

Many wrestling fans are still debating to what extent the MJF angle is a shoot or a work. Was it originally a shoot that was later turned into a work? Was it a work from day one? What’s the plan here for bringing MJF back into kayfabe?

Wardlow’s answer can be interpreted however you like, as far as the shoot/work debate goes. He says MJF really is a piece of shit, which can make sense in or out of character. The latter part about MJF’s unacceptable behavior outside of the business leans into the idea that Wardlow is shooting here.

We ultimately don’t learn much from Wardlow’s response, but it’s a reminder that the MJF angle is still there dormant in the background, and at some point it will return to the forefront. AEW isn’t rushing into bringing MJF back to television, even as the injuries pile up for top stars like CM Punk, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson.

How do you think AEW will eventually bring MJF back to television? Or do you believe his exit from the roster and falling out with Tony Khan is a shoot?

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