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Stokely Hathaway vs. Wheeler Yuta in hilarious slapbox fight

Stokely Hathaway wrote a check he couldn’t cash, and it left him in tears.

At the ROH Death Before Dishonor PPV, Wheeler Yuta successfully retained the Pure Championship against Daniel Garcia in a barn-burner of a bout. It left many observers impressed. Not so much for Hathaway. Big Stoke felt young Yuta would have earned more respect in victory if utilizing the pure techniques of slapboxing.

Yuta must have caught wind of Stokely’s criticism, because he came to collect in an impromptu Pure Championship title fight using slapbox style. William Regal and referee Paul Turner made sure it was official. Watch the duel of fisticuffs for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Hathaway was game testing distance early, then Yuta cracked him with a stiff slap. Hathaway went down to one knee and did not recover in time. Yuta was declared the winner and still Pure champion.

In Hathaway’s defense, the Blackpool Combat Haters ambushed him on the spot. Yuta was already warmed up and wearing athletic gear, whereas Hathaway was chilling in fine threads unprepared for immediate threats of danger. Hathaway still showed intestinal fortitude to accept the invitation for violence. To make it more lopsided, Hathaway also had to deal with that snitch Isiah Kassidy pointing out his tears from the sting of combat. I’d wager that salty liquid was only perspiration from Hathaway’s eyeballs as he was getting in the zone for a comeback.

Due to those circumstances, a rematch must be granted. Hathaway deserves a fair fight. Or at least a cornerman who can slip him a blinding agent to rub in Yuta’s eyes on a clinch.

What’s your take on the Pure Championship slapbox fight? What was your favorite moment from the pugilistic chess match? Are you picking Wheeler Yuta or Stokely Hathaway to prevail in a rematch?

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