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Ethan Page wore Daisy Dukes to prove he is a man of his word

Ethan Page may be a slithery snake in AEW, but it turns out that he is a man of his word when it comes to social media.

Page was encroaching on crossing the 100,000 follower threshold on Twitter. To give the number a boost, Page presented the idea of posing in Daisy Dukes to spray water from a hose with giant balloons in the background as a way to celebrate.

Page achieved his goal, so it was time to fulfill his promise. Page did just that to prove he is a man of his word.

Page also took a beefcake snapshot to plug his Patreon.

Maybe Page would have better luck in that outfit next time he wrestles Orange Cassidy.

With Page paying up, the ball is now in the court of Brian Pillman Jr. to eat an entire wheel of cheese.

That concludes this hard-hitting news story. Hopefully it brought a chuckle to the day.

What would you like to see Ethan Page do if he gets one million Twitter followers?

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