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Mox’s latest title defense leads to set-up for his next one

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Interim or no, you can’t say Jon Moxley isn’t a fighting champion. His show-opening match against RUSH on the Fight for the Fallen edition of Dynamite was only his second defense of the belt, but he’s worked tag matches, eliminators and even Blood & Guts in the month since he won the belt.

El Toro Blanco gave Mox hell, and bit the champ’s forehead open early. Interference from RUSH’s La Faccion Ingobernable teammate Andrade El Ídolo was cancelled out by the group’s enemies the Lucha Bros.

When things got back to one-on-one, RUSH remained in the driver’s seats for some nearfalls, and even kicked out of a Death Rider. But he couldn’t survive the Bull Dog Choke.

From there, we went right into the set-up for Mox’s next defense. First, we got the Jericho Appreciation Society’s Cool Hand Ang doing his Roman Reigns’ riff, and met the group’s newest member... Anna Jay-A-S.

Jericho announced his plan to use his win over Eddie Kingston from last Wednesday’s Barbed Wire Anywhere match to get a title shot at Aug. 10’s “Quake At The Lake” edition of Dynamite in Minneapolis. Fighting champion that he is, Moxley accepted... on the condition he didn’t get sports entertainment bullshit, but the Last Survivor of the Hart Dungeon — Lionheart Chris Jericho!

There’s some question about who Moxley will face at All Out on Labor Day weekend, as it seems possible CM Punk’s foot won’t be healed in time. Does this rule out Jericho as a possibility for that spot? Or will “Quake At The Lake” set the stage for a PPV match?

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