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William Regal’s excellent explanation for Wheeler Yuta’s resilience to piledrivers

All Elite Wrestling

Wheeler Yuta has proven to be a tough man to pin for a three-count. Not even piledrivers can keep him down. For example, Yuta kicked out on the cover after a one-two combo of consecutive piledrivers from the Best Friends on last week’s Dynamite. William Regal shed light on Yuta’s resilient ability to recover from those particular type of moves.

During Yuta’s ROH Pure Championship defense at the ROH Death Before Dishonor PPV, Daniel Garcia struck with a piledriver. When Yuta kicked out, the following exchange took place on commentary.

William Regal: As I said on Dynamite the other night, we have taught Wheeler that when anybody tries any kind of head drop to turn his head to the side. It takes away some of the impact.

Commentary: What?

Regal: Yes. If you turn your head, everybody’s learning that habit...

Caprice Coleman: Yeah. I would be turning my head from now on.

Regal: If you turn your head to the side, you will not land on the top of your head. You have more of a chance of surviving.

Coleman: God, I’m sitting here getting all these gold nuggets.

Regal: That’s why everybody wants to be in the Blackpool Combat Club. You get information like that. It’s still going to hurt, but you’re not going to get knocked out.

Coleman: I’m not passing up moments like this sitting beside a genius.

That explanation makes sense. Regal told it in a way without burying the move too. There will be pain, but you just might survive to continue the fight with that little trick of turning the head. Even if wrestlers take that advice, it might not help them as much depending on the particular situation. Hopefully, this can also elevate the piledriver move for those that use it as a finisher by making it so strong with perfect technique that not even turning your head can save you.

Are you buying Regal’s explanation?

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