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Los Ingobernables tease Dragon Lee coming to AEW

Andrade is a man of many riches. One of those riches is the friendship of Los Ingobernables. Andrade, Rush, and La Mascara created the faction on April 25, 2014, in CMLL. Fast forward to current times, and Los Ingobernables have formed in AEW. The faction only consists of Andrade, Rush, and Jose The Assistant at the moment, but they might be increasing in numbers soon to add Dragon Lee.

At least, that’s what this video suggests. It was released after Rush defeated Dragon Lee at the ROH Death Before Dishonor PPV. The brothers put on a fantastic match. It was one of the best night’s in Dragon Lee’s life, and he learned a lot from Rush.

The dialogue is mostly in Spanish. The gist is Rush providing advice to his brother. Outside of the ring, Rush loves Dragon Lee. In a lesson taught by their father, remember not to respect anyone in the ring. (Rush taunted often during the match and also played possom preying on his brother’s concern to turn the tide leading to victory.) However, Dragon Lee earned Rush’s respect in that match. Jose popped in praising their efforts. The people wanted to see Dragon Lee, and Dragon Lee delivered for a great fight. Dragon Lee said it was an honor to wrestle Rush, and he learned so much. The juicy bit was Jose telling Dragon Lee to wait for a phone call.

Who could that call be from? I would venture Andrade with his bags of money to bring Dragon Lee to AEW. El Idolo took notice with a message to compliment Dragon Lee. He was impressed with Dragon Lee’s improvement.

And then there is also Jose posting the blatant AEW backdrop in a photo of Dragon Lee and himself.

Dragon Lee is no stranger to Los Ingobernables business. He was a member of the faction in ROH during the pre-Tony Khan era to become a two-time ROH TV champ and two-time ROH tag team champ. Dragon Lee continues to be a member of the group on the scene in Mexico, but that branch doesn’t really involve Andrade much these days.

In my opinion, Dragon Lee would be a golden signing for AEW. For those unaware of his skills, I believe that it would only take one match to become a fan. As much as I would love to see Dragon Lee arrive in AEW, we have to slow down on our excitement. That video was self-released by Rush and Dragon Lee. Since it is not an official AEW production, that means this is not a done deal. However, I’d like to imagine that Tony Khan would be keen on bringing Dragon Lee into the mix after watching his match with Rush.

How badly do you want to see Dragon Lee come to AEW?

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