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Brody King attacks Darby Allin at San Diego Comic Con AEW panel

Don’t get on the bad side of Brody King. That is a lesson Darby Allin is learning the hard way.

Not long after powerbombing Allin through a table at a signing session in Seattle, King punished Allin again in the ring in victory on Dynamite. One might think that would have satiated King’s lust for picking on Allin out in public. Well, think again.

On Saturday night at San Diego Comic-Con, King attacked Allin one more time.

Allin was alone on stage when King grabbed him from behind for a sleeper choke. King was flanked by Malakai Black, who joined in on the fun with a spinning kick flush to the face. King placed Allin’s limp body on the table, then the House of Black sat down as if they were ready to field questions from the fans in attendance. As Allin regained consciousness, the House of Black taunted him with trash talk before leaving.

King also threatened that this may not be the last time he attacks Allin in public, especially with the ease of tracking Allin’s schedule.

The next chapter of this feud is gearing toward Allin & Sting versus Black & King in tag team action. Until then, Allin would be wise to keep his head on a swivel. You’d think a man as large as King would be easy to spot, however, King has shown his ninja skills of stealth to be quite proficient.

In what public scenario would you like to see King attack Allin next?

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