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CM Punk gives an update on his injury

With word going around that there’s hope of CM Punk being back in time for September’s All Out pay-per-view, we got an update on his injury status thanks to his appearance at San Diego Comic Con during the AEW panel.

Mike Roe tweeted the above, noting Punk himself said he has no timetable and his foot was so bad he has had to learn to walk again as he heals from it. Punk announced his injury back in early June and has been out of action ever since.

When this was brought up to Tony Khan at the Death Before Dishonor presser, he had this to say:

“I don’t know what he said but I know he’s doing well in his recovery. ... He’s doing well. He’s not behind in his recovery. I wouldn’t want to step on what he said but the last we spoke... I haven’t spoken to him since he did the panel but going into the panel he’s doing well and on track.”

When asked if that could be Labor Day weekend:

“We’ll see. I can’t rule it out but I also can’t promise because I don’t want to say anything when it comes to somebody’s recovery from a real serious injury. He’s really battling hard to get back as soon as he possibly can.”

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