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Tony Khan explains his tweet after Vince McMahon’s retirement

Shortly after Vince McMahon announced his retirement, Tony Khan, the head honcho of AEW and Ring of Honor, and the de facto number two guy in all of pro wrestling, quickly took to social media to tweet a message.

That message:

As you can see from simply looking at the interactions on that tweet, a lot of folks felt a variety of ways about it. There are multiple ways to read the message contained therein, too. My partner on this here site, Sean, called it “relatively harmless and pretty darn funny.” I tend to agree. A look through the replies shows many others felt differently, finding it poorly timed, distasteful, and more.

During the Death Before Dishonor media scrum, he got the chance to explain his intentions with the tweet (via Wrestling Inc):

“I was referencing that AEW Rampage was on and just the fact that of the big major companies, who I would consider ‘The big three,’ now I am the longest tenured [CEO] of course. I think if you consider pro wrestling, it’s a fair statement. I just thought it’s a factual statement, a note to promote Rampage but that’s all it was. I can’t say anything else about it. Obviously hopefully got some eyeballs on Rampage and I really care about Rampage a lot. On a Friday, sometimes I will try to promote Rampage in fun ways.”

A businessman saw an opportunity to do some business, so he did it.

It’s all in the game, right?

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