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Tony Khan signed The Briscoes to long-term contracts with Ring of Honor

Jay Briscoe on Twitter

Ring of Honor’s Tony Khan answered questions from the media today ahead of ROH Death Before Dishonor, coming up this Saturday night (July 23) in Lowell, Massachusetts.

The most asked question was all about Ring of Honor’s lack of a distribution deal. Khan said he’s still working on it and wants to make sure he gets the right deal that makes sense for everyone involved, whether it’s television or streaming. He mentioned Warner Bros. Discovery as one entity he’s had discussions with on that front.

The most interesting answer came when Khan was asked if there are any wrestlers he has signed to deals with Ring of Honor that have not appeared on AEW television. That’s when he revealed that The Briscoes have signed long-term contracts with Ring of Honor:

“The Briscoes are under contract to Ring of Honor and [they’re] long-term contracts. And I think there are some other developmental wrestlers, but really the key, probably the biggest names that are exclusively signed to Ring of Honor are The Briscoes. And they are some of the biggest names in Ring of Honor history. They are Hall of Famers. And there are some others, but I think that would be a great example of a key act where they haven’t really appeared in AEW yet but they are signed to Ring of Honor, and me.”

It’s worth noting that earlier this year, there was a rumor that a “person of interest” at WarnerMedia vetoed AEW signing The Briscoes due to Jay Briscoe’s past homophobic tweets that he recently issued another apology for. The Briscoes are scheduled to wrestle against AEW tag team FTR at Death Before Dishonor.

Khan was also asked about a recent report that Colt Cabana has been earmarked for the Ring of Honor brand. Khan said Cabana will be involved in the pay-per-view this weekend, but he declined to comment about the current relationship between Cabana and CM Punk.

What do you think about Tony Khan’s latest news, Cagesiders?

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