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I think I know why Chris Jericho won the messy Barbed Wire Everywhere match

A lot of wrestling fans are scratching their heads over Chris Jericho’s win over Eddie Kingston on last night’s (July 20) episode of Dynamite in a Barbed Wire Everywhere match. The match was promoted as their final encounter, so it wasn’t very satisfying to see an overbooked ending with the heel going over.

I’m not one of the folks who is bewildered over the match result. I thought the fact that Eddie opened their feud with a clean submission win at Revolution, combined with Kingston’s team winning at Blood & Guts, made this match something of a toss up in terms of predicting a winner.

The good guy sometimes loses the final match of a feud in pro wrestling. The decision often depends on what’s next for each wrestler. AEW is dealing with a bunch of injuries right now to top stars like CM Punk and Adam Cole. That means the promotion is even more likely to lean on Jericho’s star power for a big match heading into their All Out pay-per-view on Sept. 4, which is about six weeks away.

Could that big match be a title fight against AEW Interim World Champion Jox Moxley? Maybe! I don’t believe Jericho has fought for the top AEW title in a very long time.

Could it be a match with a returning Bryan Danielson? I think this one is more likely. Chris planted the seeds for it recently on Dynamite when he took credit for Danielson’s current absence from AEW.

Jericho pressed harder in that direction on Twitter after last night’s main event win:

The latest rumor suggests Bryan has recovered from his injury, so my best guess is that we’re getting Danielson vs Jericho at All Out. Therefore, Tony Khan decided to book Jericho as the winner against Kingston.

Chris Jericho remains one of the biggest stars in AEW. The idea that he is lined up for bigger and better things than Eddie Kingston at All Out always seemed plausible to me, so I don’t think it’s surprising that the Painmaker went over on Dynamite.

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