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Darby got murked, Sting got misted, and Miro’s coming for House of Black

Darby Allin tried to take the fight right to Brody King in their grudge match on the July 20 episode of Dynamite. His foot catching the ropes on a dive attempt and the House of Black big man’s power put a quick stop to that.

The beatdown continued until Allin retrieved a belt from under the ring after one of the many times he was ragdoll-ed there. After wrapping it around King’s feet and using it to drag him to the floor, a cannonball dive connected.

That comeback didn’t last long, but after evading a cannonball from Brody, Sting’s protege went for submissions. King put a stop to that in devastating fashion. They battled over a partially exposed turnbuckle, but the big man choked out Allin just like he did in Royal Rampage, then ended it with a Gonzo Bomb.

King was back on the attack after the bell in an attempt to draw out Sting, and it did the trick. The Scorpion Death Drop happened after the lights went out, which signaled the arrival of Malakai Black. While his partner held The Icon, Black hit him with a faceful of mist!

Before the beatdown could go any further, Miro arrived! The Redeemer has been talking about the House of Black since Black misted him in the All-Atlantic title match at Forbidden Door. He didn’t do anything here but glare at Malakai & Brody through some cool looking aviators, but his intent seemed clear.

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