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Here’s why AEW changed Jim Ross’ role on commentary

AEW Dynamite

AEW has changed things up with Jim Ross at the commentary table in recent weeks on Dynamite and Rampage.

Previously, Ross would call both hours of Dynamite and wasn’t part of the Rampage broadcast booth. Now he calls the second hour of Dynamite and the lone hour of Rampage.

What caused the change? On his Grilling JR podcast, the legendary broadcaster said it was Tony Khan’s decision and he’s on board with it. Here is F4WOnline’s transcription of Jim explaining Tony’s logic:

“I was coming out before the show and I was doing all of Dynamite and the reception was humbling. Fans are glad to see me and they express themselves and the reception has been really good. So, he thought the show in the middle of the show, speaking of Dynamite, needed a boost so JR became the booster. So, I come out in the middle of the show, still going to call the main event or main events.”

“I didn’t have any issues with it at all. I said, now I’m Mariano Rivera, I’m going in for long relief and we’re going to get some results for you. That’s the deal there, just keeping me fresh and ‘special’ and trying to give Rampage a little boost commentary-wise, selling-wise. So, we need to obviously get the ratings up which I think we are and that’s the reason for that.”

When the change first happened, I assumed it was Khan’s way of adding a more recognizable voice to Rampage in order to help the show’s falling ratings. That’s pretty close to what Ross is saying here, though there is the added layer of Khan wanting JR’s entrance to be a part of the Dynamite broadcast.

Is Tony Khan overthinking this one like he did when booking a pay-per-view against Game 7 of the NBA Finals, or do you think Khan’s logic makes sense here?

Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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