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Swerve in our Glory win the AEW Tag titles

The odds were stacked against The Young Bucks in the main event of Fyter Fest Night 1 on July 13. But they asked for their “Triple or Nothing” AEW World Tag title defense against Swerve in our Glory and Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks, so the cocky champs weren’t complaining.

It was the kind of fast paced chaos you’d expect given the teams and the rules (from what I could tell: there were two legal men, but any member of any team could tag anyone from his own or any other team, and also no one really cared about rules).

High flying was broken up with strength spots from Lee and Hobbs, with the Limitless getting an extended sequence to clear the ring...

...before a showdown with his P-P-P-Powerhouse. And these hosses can fly, too!

A Superkick Party took out everyone — including referee Rick Knox. Each man considered using the belt as a weapon, including a tease of Swerve Strickland attacking Keith Lee with it. He opted not to though, and that looked like a good decision after they hit a tandem Sweve Stomp on Matt Jackson.

Hobbs ruined that though, and it was car crash, false finish madness for several minutes.

Lee wiped out nearly everyone with a tope, leaving Strickland alone with Starks. A solo Swerve Stomp ended it. New champs!

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