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Darby Allin tricycle backflip stunt

Darby Allin wrestles like a daredevil in the ring. That is no gimmick when it comes to Allin’s life outside the ring. He is just as wild when trying stunts in his free time.

Check out Allin trying a backflip on a tricycle. This was on a professional ramp for big air. I’d like to think that Allin was inspired by Krusty the Clown and Homer Simpson doing the Spin Cycle Fantastique Trick.

Allin took two turns without being able to land it clean. The first saw him crash upside down on his back. Allin pulled off a full rotation on the second, but he skid out on the back wheels. It was still pretty cool to flip the flip.

Allin’s tricycle antics weren’t the only stunts this week. He snacked on danger to go bungee jumping.

Allin dined on death for a skateboard trick inside a clothing store.

If you’re wondering what Tony Khan thought of a star wrestler risking his body for the pursuit of thrills, he doesn’t seem to mind. A GIF from the Office was his answer with Creed saying, “He don’t give an F about nothing.”

What stunts would you like to see Darby Allin attempt next?

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