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PAC’s second AEW All-Atlantic title defense is set

Which kind of spoils his first, but I don’t think anyone was going to watch Dark tonight expecting a title change.

Dave The Mark’s Twitter

Most fans won’t see PAC’s first AEW All-Atlantic title defense until the company uploads the July 12 Dark. But it happened yesterday (July 10) in the main event of Revolution Pro Wrestling’s show in Sheffield, England.

As much we all love Shooter, I don’t think a lot of folks thought NJPW’s Shota Umino would beat The Bastard and take AEW’s newest belt. There’s some novelty in how it went down, so we won’t ruin that for you. But if you want it, the finish is on Twitter here.

So announcing PAC’s second All-Atlantic championship match isn’t that big of a spoiler. In fact, it was already announced last weekend. It’s Irish independent OTT Wrestling’s second attempt to book a match between PAC and their LJ Cleary. The first was nixed by COVID restrictions.

Take two is set for next Friday (July 22) in Dublin:

Does this dampen your enthusiasm for PAC vs. Umino tomorrow on YouTube? Will PAC vs. Cleary show up on the July 25 Elevation or July 26 Dark?

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