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Miro wants to slap meat with these fellow AEW meaty men

The Redeemer engages in some light infringement of Big E’s gimmick while teasing a couple future matches.

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As all serious wrestling scholars know, Big E’s dream match is against Goldberg.


Because true grappling connoisseurs want neither five star matches, nor 30 minute classics. We, like E, want big meaty men slapping meat.

Miro knows what’s up. We know because when talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy asked him about locking up with fellow AEW heavyweights like Samoa Joe, Keith Lee, and Wardlow, The Redeemer was not only down, he said he wants to “put that meat to work.”

“I respect Joe, a lot. He’s such a legit ass-kicker that I would love to face him and have that classic, put that meat to work.

“Wardlow is the young guy of the group. He’s got a lot more to learn. He’s big, he’s strong, he’s got the audience behind him, but there is a difference between being on the road for 10, 12, 15 years and doing it consistently.

“He’s got the powerbomb symphony or whatever you call it, but once you test yourself against one of these big guys like me or Joe, who you have a hard time to pick up for one of your powerbombs, then plans change, my friend.

“What’s your second move? What’s your third move? That’s where the challenge for him is going to come.”

The quantity of trash talk directed at War Dog makes me think that match is on the horizon. But Miro sold me on the Joe feud with just those five magic words.

Let us know if you’re heading to the TK’s butcher shop with us, and check out the rest of Miro’s chat with McCarthy here.

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