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AEW Rampage live results, open thread (July 1, 2022): Royal Rampage

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Rampage, airing tonight at 10 pm ET on TNT.

The latest edition of AEW’s Friday night show comes our way on tape from Little Caesars Arena Arena in Detroit, Michigan (spoilers are here, if you’re interested - and if you are and chose to discuss them in the comments, please use the spoiler tag).

Tonight’s “Royal Rampage” fallout show following Forbidden Door and Blood & Guts features a two ring Battle Royal. The winner earns a future title match against Interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley.

Also set for tonight: Toni Storm vs. Nyla Rose, Young Bucks vs. Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi, and more!

Come right back here at 10 pm ET when Rampage kicks off on TNT. We’ll update the post with everything that happens on the show below the line.

Enjoy the show!


  • Rampage kicks off with a 20 man two-ring Battle Royal to determine Jon Moxley’s first challenger for the interim AEW world championship.
  • Each ring starts with just two men. The others will enter as the match goes on and are assigned to specific rings. Hangman is in one ring with Powerhouse Hobbs, while Darby Allin goes at it with Tony Nese in the other ring. Ricky Starks joins the ring with Hobbs and Page, and they double team Hangman. The Butcher comes out as the 6th entrant. He goes right at Darby, ragdolling him all around. John Silver is out 7th and is helping out his buddy Hangman fend off Team Taz. Page and Silver hug in the middle of the ring. They then tease that they’ll eliminate each other. Tony Nese is the first man eliminated from the match.
  • Max Caster (with Anthony Bowens and Billy Gunn) is out doing his entrance rap as the 8th entrant. Caster scissors Butcher. Next up is RUSH at #9, joining Hangman’s ring. He lands some blows on Hobbs, Starks, and Silver. Now we have The Blade at #10 joining Darby’s ring. The Butcher and The Blade double team Darby. Penta Oscuro is in at #11. RUSH meets him in the entrance aisle and they go at it. Penta rolls RUSH back in the ring. John Silver is eliminated shortly afterwards. Swerve is up next at #12. He goes right at Butcher and Caster. Swerve kicks Caster out of the ring and he is eliminated. Keith Lee is #13, so he isn’t in the same ring as Swerve. Hobbs and Starks double team Keith Lee as we go to break.
  • Matt Hardy joined the ring during the break. Now we have Dustin Rhodes joining Hangman’s ring at #15. RUSH and Penta are still trying to eliminate each other. RUSH lands a low blow and both man fall towards their elimination. Kazarian is #16. He gets the better of Swerve and then attacks Darby Allin. The Butcher and The Blade double team Hardy and eliminate him. Dante Martin is #17 and he has Starks on the verge of elimination. Hobbs makes the save and they beat the hell out of Dante. Takeshita is #18. He keeps up with Swerve’s speed and puts him down with authority. He then nails a double German suplex on Swerve and Darby. Butcher and Blade work together to eliminate Kazarian. Brody King is number 19. He pounds away at Dustin Rhodes in the corner and turns his attention to Dante.
  • Orange Cassidy is the final entrant of the Battle Royal. Dante is eliminated by a chop from Brody King. Cassidy and Takeshita have a staredown in the middle of the ring. Takeshita hits him with a brainbuster. Meanwhile, Hobbs & Starks team up to toss out Dustin. Takeshita misses a jumping knee in the corner and is tossed out by Butcher and Blade. Orange Cassidy turns his back on Swerve, who tosses him out. Hobbs and Keith Lee are eliminated in rapid fire manner right afterwards. Starks charges at Hangman, but he pulls the rope down, leading to Ricky’s elimination. Brody smashes Hangman off the apron to his elimination to win his ring. Darby eliminates both Butcher and Blade to win his ring.
  • That leaves just Brody King and Darby Allin as the final two men. Darby is biting at Brody’s hands trying to force him to lose his grip on the rope. Brody drags Darby over the rope onto the apron. Brody chokes him unconscious and drops his carcass to the floor below. Brody King wins the Battle Royal and earns an interim AEW world championship match next week on Dynamite against Jon Moxley.
  • HOOK is interviewed backstage. He ignores the first question and gets annoyed with the interviewer’s approach and gives him some cryptic advice.
  • The next match is Young Bucks vs. Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi. If the Bucks lose, Goto & Hashi earn a future shot at the AEW tag team titles. Goto uses his size advantage early on to get the better of Nick Jackson. Goto and Hashi team up to pummel Nick’s spine. Matt gets in there and swings momentum back on the Bucks’ side with a series of northern lights suplexes as we go to break. Later in the fight, the Bucks hit Hashi with the BTE Trigger. They then put him away with the Meltzer Driver. Young Bucks defeat Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi.
  • Jonathan Gresham will team up with Lee Moriarty next week to take on Tully Blanchard Enterprises.
  • Mark Henry interviews Nyla Rose and Toni Storm ahead of their main event match, which is up next.
  • Late in the fight, Nyla goes for a cannonball senton in the corner, but Toni avoids it. She follows up with the hip attack. Marina Shafir causes a distraction ringside. Toni tries to thwart her by landing a double DDT to the outside on both Nyla and Shafir. Toni goes up to for a flying crossbody, but Nyla kicks out of the pin attempt. Nyla puts Toni down with a body block but can’t keep her down for three. Toni tries to reverse the Beast Bomb, but Nyla sits down on her for a near fall. Both women exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Nyla lands a thrust kick after ripping off the turnbuckle cover. She gets Toni in position for the flying knee drop, but Toni moves out of the way. Toni lands a German suplex on Nyla. Toni goes back to the DDT well, kicking Shafir off the apron and putting Nyla away for the three count. Toni Storm defeats Nyla Rose.
  • Shafir and Rose attack Storm after the match, looking to injure her. Thunder Rosa runs out for the save. The heels retreat while Excalibur jokingly refers to the duo of Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm as Thunder Storm.
  • That’s the end of the show, folks!

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