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Hangman challenges Okada for Forbidden Door, but there’s a couple problems

All Elite Wrestling

We heard least week that Hangman Page vs. Kazuchika Okada was the plan for AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door on Sun., June 26 in Chicago. Then we heard it wasn’t.

That’s also how things played out for Page on Dynamite tonight (June 8). After making a triumphant return to the ring, beating New Japan’s David Finlay in his first match since losing the AEW World title at Double or Nothing, the Cowboy grabbed a microphone. He talked about not being in the mix to crown the Interim World champ while CM Punk recovers from his lower body injury, but remembering there’s more than one World title in the world.

So he threw his hat in the ring for a shot at Okada’s IWGP World Heavyweight belt. Then his old rival Adam Cole stepped on it.

Cole not only pointed out that Switchblade Jay White could win New Japan’s top prize from Okada at their Dominion event this Sunday (June 12), he also made the case that as the Owen Hart Tournament winner, he should be of Page in the line for any title shot.

Cole is reportedly banged up, but his presence on television would seem to indicate AEW’s confident he won’t be out long. He’ll probably be back for Forbidden Door... maybe for a multiple man match with some combination of Hangman, Switchblade & The Rainmaker?

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